One Step Short of Springtime in Heaven

Yep! We’ve made it to the Imperial Valley of California… The weather is nice, the water is fine and our house is situated to take full advantage of the desert sunsets.

Yesterday we were under the impression that today would be Saturday. Then we were jerked into reality by a FB Friend. Oh, Duh! We had a whole nuther day to get Holtville. Unfortunately, it also gave me time to loose $1 at the casino before leaving.

I highly recommend our Algodones dentist, Beatriz Sotelo.

Here’s her card.


Algodones, MX

So, who says reservation casinos aren’t good for SOMETHING? About two blocks from where we are “boon-docking” and about one mile from the border, is a casino. When you join their Player’s Club, the card they give you is worth $10 in the slots… repetitively each day during the week. It’s not really a free card because it takes a dollar to activate it each day. But anyway, I’m getting too involved in setting up this story.

The first machine I put my card in paid for more than half my dental expenses in just three spins! I subsequently lost about $3 before I had used up my $10 “free money.”

About that dental work. There are more than 350 dentist in this little town. As soon as you emerge from the gates on the Mexican side, you are accosted by “drummers” trying to sell you the services of a dentist, optician or druggist. “Cheapest Viagra in ALL of Mexico! 150% discount!” I wondered where they learned their Math.

I had a cleaning and a crown re-cemented. Evelyn had a root canal and a crown installed. Between sessions, we went shopping for vanilla and hearing aids. The vanilla we found in the liquor store, of all places! But then, since it is 35% alcohol, maybe it was in the right place. The Tequila is only 38% alcohol.

With all the dentists and opticians catering to the old farts streaming into town every day, you’d think that more than a few of them would be deaf and need hearing aids… but there is only 3 hearing aid shops in town. All owned by the same family. I was a shocked at the prices. A complete exam and the cheapest aid is $400, but the most expensive aid is only $1,100. This is for quality Rexon Digital aids. Not only that, but they’ll pay your Passport expenses if you don’t already have one!

But the REAL find of the day (also from the liquor store) was this item… The dream of every pre-teen with unruly hair.

On the Road Again

Left Apache Junction yesterday just after lunch. We stopped in Casa Grande to pick up our auto transport and made it to Dateland, AZ about sundown. It seemed like a good place to have supper and get some dates and icecream.
Across the freeway was an open area that had our name on it. This morning we awoke to the fresh smell of Greasewood and sage.The rising sun warmed our hearts as we finished breakfast.

I should have thought of retirement 40 years ago.

Today we’ll try to get some dental work done in
Algodones, MX.

01-07-2011 The Whirly World
What is so obtuse about time? It seems that when I am moving around, time moves
reasonably, with me. But when I park for awhile, time speeds up in a whirl of activity. I
donʼt have time to write, seldom get everything done on the day that I plan it. Then, the
first thing I know, days have flown by in a flurry of activity that has no tangible results.
We have visited Evelynʼs cousin, Dick, who Winters here from North Dakota. Today, we
will go see another of her cousin, Joan (Kringley) Stume. We have also spent two
afternoon/evenings with our first Foreign Exchange Student, Jesenka (Nina), and her
family who live here in Phoenix.
Their 20-month old daughter has prematurely entered the “terrible twoʼs”, but still
manages to be a delightful little person. It was love at first sight for us, but I think she loved Jolie more.

Here is an example of the way they shared. She didnʼt want all of her ice cream, so Jolie gets part of it. I missed the shot of Adriana sharing a bite of French Fry with Jolie, then eating the rest of it herself.
I guess even life in a Whirly World has some compensation.

Haystacks and Popcorn

Todays Children’s Story, boys and girls, began several years ago. Susy, Freddy, and Linda were in the second grade. Every day Susy would rush home after school to tell her mommy about all the exciting things she had learned at school.
“Mommy, Mommy!” she shouted one day as she banged through the front door. “You’ll NEVER guess what happened at school today.”
“Well, let’s see….” Mommy paused to think. “Did Freddy get sick?”
“Did Allen bring his dog?”
“NO!” Susy was dancing with glee. “We got a new girl in our class! She has pretty green eyes and long blond hair and she doesn’t have a Daddy… Just a mommy.”
Mommy listened patiently while Susy told her all about the new girl.

“Will the new girl be going to our church, too?” Mommy asked.
“I don’t think so.”
“Well maybe we should begin praying for Marybeth and her mommy, and invite them to church.
“When Friday came, Susy’s Mom invited Marybeth’s mom to come to church with them.
Marybeth’s mommy politely refused, but said that it would be O.K. if Marybeth wanted to go.

So week after week Marybeth would go home with Susy after school. She would spend the night and go to church the next morning with Susy’s family.
One day she asked Susy’s Mommy why they always ate haystacks on Friday night.
“Well, that’s sort of an Adventist thing,” she laughed. “A lot of of Advents eat haystacks.”
Marybeth also noticed that Susy’s mommy lit a big fat candle just before sitting down to eat. “Why do you do that? Can’t you just turn on the light?”

“Well’” replied Susy’s mommy, “It just helps us to remember that this the beginning of a special day.”
“What about the popcorn on Saturday night?” Marybeth asked.
“Oh, that!” she laughed. “I don’t know how that started, but most of our friends eat popcorn on Saturday nights, too.”

Soon, all the kids at Susy’s school were praying for Marybeth’s Mommy. They wanted her to start coming to church, also. But, every time someone would invite her, she would politely refuse.
Meanwhile, Marybeth was so excited to have so many new friends and things to do on the weekends. She so wanted to be an Adventist, like her friends.

As the school year got closer to Christmas, the teacher began teaching the students some new songs to sing for a Christmas program at church. Marybeth eagerly learned the songs. This time, when Teacher invited Marybeth’s mommy to church, she explained that Marybeth would be singing in the Christmas program.
“Yes! I would like to come and hear her sing,” she smiled.
The following Friday, she refused to let Marybeth go home with Susy. “I’ve got a better idea,” she consoled. “We can go to church together.”

“REALLY?” Marybeth danced for joy.

A few weeks later her Mommy wanted to start having Bible studies. It wasn’t long until she was ready for baptism.
A few days before the baptism, Susy’s mommy received a sobbing, wailing phone call from Marybeth. She could hardly tell what the problem was, so she hung up and drove to Marybeth’s home, where she found Marybeth lying in the yard wailing.
“There, there…” comforted Susy’s Mommy. “Dry your tears a little and tell me what’s wrong.”

“M-M-Mommy had a yard sale today and she sold our popcorn maker! We, can never be good Adventists, now!” she cried with a new volley of tears.

Looking up toward the house Susy’s mommy saw Marybeth’s mommy standing on the porch laughing.
“You two come on into the house. I have something to show you.”
Slowly Marybeth was led into the house where her mommy opened up a bag from Wal-Mart. “We WILL be good Adventists, I promise. Here is the new corn popper I bought to help us.”

Heat Wave

Yep! Sure feels warmer than Demming, TX. It’s 29F this morning with no wind. Compared with Demming’s 27F with light breeze, that’s almost hot.
Arrived in Casa Grande just at sundown and the Escapee’s park that we were headed for was full. So went a couple of miles down the road.

Our baby, Jolie’s birthday went by unnoticed. She turned 4 years old Friday. Will give her an extra chunk of chicken tonight.