12-24-2010 Leaving Kansas

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Leaving Kansas
Coming Out
Returning to Retirement
A whole segment of our life has passed in the four months since I last visited these pages. We applied for a seasonal job with Amazon.com, and were assigned a job at their Coffeyville, KS Fulfillment Center. We spent 5 weeks getting here, just doing the “Tim Conway Shuffle,” enjoying the country.
We stopped in Stapleton, NB at the site of the extinct Lariat Boys Ranch. This is where I found my second teaching job out of college. I say extinct, because only two homes are left of the complex of four homes, a two-room school, two shops, several barns and out-buildings. Gone are the grazing lands… all ploughed under and growing corn. Gone also, is the SDA church in North Platte that we attended. Gone also, the quaint little hospital where our second daughter, Anita was born. In its place we found a huge complex covering several block.
It is really sad to see how much things have changed in forty-five years. The facilities to care for people’s temporal bodies expanded, but facilities to care for their spiritual needs have withered and died.
Our return to the workforce has been a consciousness-raising experience.
“Do you realize that this is the longest term of manual labor that I have ever encountered in my lifetime?” Evelyn moaned last night as she headed for bed.
“But don’t you remember all those years of housekeeping and raising babies?” I queried.
“Never was this hard! And certainly not so steady. Beside, I could take a break when I needed it. At Amazon we break when they tell us to.”
“Well there’s the money… you can forget that?” I offered cheerily.
“Yes, there’s the money… it better be worth it!” she slurred as her eyelids smacked shut for the night.
“Sweet Alaskan Dreams,” I whispered.
The countdown is a matter of hours now, until we’re on our way again.
Arugh! I was interrupted in the writing of this account, then had to go to work. About 3 hours into the work period, I was asked if I’d like to make this my last shift, instead of Thursday night. I light of the expected coming ice storm I said, “Why not?”
While Evelyn went to work, I began getting things tucked away for travel. Sure enough, on Evelyn’s shift, she was given the same choice, so she got back about 10:30.
We arrived at the Downstream Indian Casino, near Joplin, MO, about 3 pm. For joining their “Q Club” we get to park in their lot for three days free.
Free is nice but, of course we had to go in and try out their nickel slots… so much for FREE! The first night cost us $15.
When Evelyn started up her Wii this morning she got a confetti parade. It startled me. I couldn’t figure out what it was all about. We had played Wii bowling last night, and I thought it was telling her she was a champion bowler (she beat me by one point).
It’s her BIRTHDAY! Happy 69th, Huggy.

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