Been Thinkin here…

These are some of the morning thought around my head this morning.
* why is it that most of the time, when you have the money to do something, you don’t have the time? Or the time and no money?
* if all you want out of life is a little peace and quite, mostly what you get is noise and confusion?
* why is it that when God says give, I tend to want to keep?
* how about that Biblical character, King David. Jesus called him  “a man after God’s own heart.” But look at his record… a liar, cheater, wife stealer, murderer, fornicator, and maybe even a homosexual. Is his life recorded to let us know that we too, can be people “after God’s own heart”… no matter how bad we’ve been?
* Great shot of my daughter, Anita, shooting.


Signs of Aging?

I’m wondering if others hit the doldrums occasionally, or is it just me aging. I like to write, but there are times when nothing seems to “flow.” June and July seems to have held quite a few of those days. I have been physically active and accomplishing a lot of tasks, but the joy of Blogging has passed. My interest in photography is waning as well.
Perhaps it is my total creativity that is draining from my system like a leaky bladder.  Another of my symptoms is my lethargy in the mornings. I NEVER slept past 5:30 or 6 AM in earlier years but for the last two months Evelyn is nearly always out of bed before me at 7:30 AM. Oh, there are those days when I can stay up until after 11 PM and be wide awake by 5 AM… like today. But those days are rare indeed.
I’ve been back at Mt. Ellis for nearly three weeks. It wasn’t until Thursday that I was able to muster the ambition to work on some of the unfinished projects here at the school. I’ve been busy the whole time doing more “honey-do’s for Evelyn. But, we don’t usually get going in the morning until 10:30.
So, dear reader of this Blog, I think it’s time to quit blabbing about my life, since it seems to be shriveling into insignificance.