Heading Home

This weekend past we enjoyed the Loring Family Reunion at Timberlake Campground and RV Park.
This reunion was for the descendants of Benjamin Chamberlin Loring. It was held at the campground owned and operated by one of his descendants, Leroy Anderson. It was built by him next to the family homestead in Home Valley, WA. that has been in the family for 110 years.

I married into a family that has history oozing from every pore! Most of the women have registry in Daughters of the Revolution, Descendants of the Mayflower… but you know what? They’re just common folk that hang onto mementos like the rest of us.

One of those mementos was a 200+ year old violin owned and played by Cheri Hull. Garrison and his mother danced and enjoy the country music.

Cheri also brought a piece of the copper rigging of the original USS Constitution, America’s first Navel Ship. Click her for more photos and longer explanation.

About a third the attendees had their roots in Home Valley, so Saturday morning about 20 of us decided to follow the traditions of the ancestors, and climb Beacon Rock.

Here’s the group who survived the climb.

We’re on our way home and spent last night chillin with some buds on the Columbia River, across from Umatilla.
Tonight we’re at Walla Walla University, and we’ll continue on in the morning.