Time…(con’ted discusstion)

(After more email exchange)

Like I alluded to earlier, linear time, i.e. months and years and the use of calendars is a work of man, not God. We use these tools to mark our progression to the grave. To God our linear time is meaningless, because all our time is Present for him, as it will be for us when sin and sinners are destroyed.

Our salvation is not dependent on whether or not we keep the Sabbath or even keep the Ten Commandments, but on our relationship with our heavenly Parent, and whether we believe in the sacrifice of God’s only son as a ransom for the sins of this world. (Read the story of the rich young ruler who quizzed Jesus, “What must I do to have eternal life.” He claimed to keep the Commandments from his youth, but knew he still lacked the assurance of salvation.)

The real Gospel story is not about daily sacrifices, keeping laws or even doing good deeds. In fact it is NOT about ANYTHING that we can do to earn or deserve our salvation… it’s all about what God has done FOR US. That’s why it’s called GRACE. We don’t deserve what He has been and is doing for us. Period. Of course, I’m sure there are some things that he would like to see us doing, but that isn’t what will be saving us from our sins. Just as auto manufacturing companies make a handbook to accompany their cars, knowing full-well that a high percentage of the buyers will never look inside that book or follow the guidelines for service. But they include it anyway. But even following the guidelines therein doesn’t save the owner the heartaches of breakdowns. So we have received the Bible- handbook- to explain how we should live. It also reveals generation after generation of people who have disappointed God by not seeing Him as a God of love and forgiveness. As one who would rather have the people’s hearts than their sacrifices. As one who would rather bless them than curse and destroy them. So about every third or fourth generation He would begin again to woo them back to Himself by sending another messenger to remind them of His love and to try to get the people focused on the God of their salvation.

About the only usefulness that History has, is when we use it with a broad brush to remind us how God has led us or our ancestors in the past.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that you are missing the beauty of the forest by focusing on the trees along the way.