Time and Time Again

This morning I received an email from an acquaintance in California, with a link to his website: http://adamoh.org/TreeOfLife.lan.io/ and specifically: http://adamoh.org/TreeOfLife.lan.io/NTCh/TimingTheApostolicEpistles.htm#Romans

I give them here so that you can have a background for my following comments.

Very interesting, this will take weeks or months to wade through.
I’m curious, Gunter, what is the point of knowing the precise timing of everything in history? Does this knowledge help one to love and obey God?
Does it help Him love us more?
Does it help help us understand when events of the future will take place?
What if I learn that Jesus will return this 4th of  July, Will I do more to be ready for that coming? What if I died tonight? Then I wouldn’t see it at all in my present lifetime.

I’d prefer to leave history and future to God’s direction, not wasting my time trying to understand the mind of God and His reasons for doing what he does. I’ll be satisfied with knowing;
He loves me… because He said so.
He died for my sins, because He want to.
He will destroy sin in His time, because He’s able.

Soon enough we’ll be living in eternity, where TIME doesn’t matter… there is only the present.

The live we live now should be ones that matters for eternity. Ones that testify of God’s love as we experience it, and His working in our lives as we write our own History of life in sin, and His Redeeming power in our lives.

Personally, I believe that when God created this earth He created a weekly cycle that was intended to continue for all eternity. Linear time, as we now know it, with consecutively numbered years did not begin until Adam and Eve sinned. Its purpose was to mark the time until our death. When we have returned to eternal life what purpose would it serve?