Heading Home

This weekend past we enjoyed the Loring Family Reunion at Timberlake Campground and RV Park.
This reunion was for the descendants of Benjamin Chamberlin Loring. It was held at the campground owned and operated by one of his descendants, Leroy Anderson. It was built by him next to the family homestead in Home Valley, WA. that has been in the family for 110 years.

I married into a family that has history oozing from every pore! Most of the women have registry in Daughters of the Revolution, Descendants of the Mayflower… but you know what? They’re just common folk that hang onto mementos like the rest of us.

One of those mementos was a 200+ year old violin owned and played by Cheri Hull. Garrison and his mother danced and enjoy the country music.

Cheri also brought a piece of the copper rigging of the original USS Constitution, America’s first Navel Ship. Click her for more photos and longer explanation.

About a third the attendees had their roots in Home Valley, so Saturday morning about 20 of us decided to follow the traditions of the ancestors, and climb Beacon Rock.

Here’s the group who survived the climb.

We’re on our way home and spent last night chillin with some buds on the Columbia River, across from Umatilla.
Tonight we’re at Walla Walla University, and we’ll continue on in the morning.


Time…(con’ted discusstion)

(After more email exchange)

Like I alluded to earlier, linear time, i.e. months and years and the use of calendars is a work of man, not God. We use these tools to mark our progression to the grave. To God our linear time is meaningless, because all our time is Present for him, as it will be for us when sin and sinners are destroyed.

Our salvation is not dependent on whether or not we keep the Sabbath or even keep the Ten Commandments, but on our relationship with our heavenly Parent, and whether we believe in the sacrifice of God’s only son as a ransom for the sins of this world. (Read the story of the rich young ruler who quizzed Jesus, “What must I do to have eternal life.” He claimed to keep the Commandments from his youth, but knew he still lacked the assurance of salvation.)

The real Gospel story is not about daily sacrifices, keeping laws or even doing good deeds. In fact it is NOT about ANYTHING that we can do to earn or deserve our salvation… it’s all about what God has done FOR US. That’s why it’s called GRACE. We don’t deserve what He has been and is doing for us. Period. Of course, I’m sure there are some things that he would like to see us doing, but that isn’t what will be saving us from our sins. Just as auto manufacturing companies make a handbook to accompany their cars, knowing full-well that a high percentage of the buyers will never look inside that book or follow the guidelines for service. But they include it anyway. But even following the guidelines therein doesn’t save the owner the heartaches of breakdowns. So we have received the Bible- handbook- to explain how we should live. It also reveals generation after generation of people who have disappointed God by not seeing Him as a God of love and forgiveness. As one who would rather have the people’s hearts than their sacrifices. As one who would rather bless them than curse and destroy them. So about every third or fourth generation He would begin again to woo them back to Himself by sending another messenger to remind them of His love and to try to get the people focused on the God of their salvation.

About the only usefulness that History has, is when we use it with a broad brush to remind us how God has led us or our ancestors in the past.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that you are missing the beauty of the forest by focusing on the trees along the way.

Time and Time Again

This morning I received an email from an acquaintance in California, with a link to his website: http://adamoh.org/TreeOfLife.lan.io/ and specifically: http://adamoh.org/TreeOfLife.lan.io/NTCh/TimingTheApostolicEpistles.htm#Romans

I give them here so that you can have a background for my following comments.

Very interesting, this will take weeks or months to wade through.
I’m curious, Gunter, what is the point of knowing the precise timing of everything in history? Does this knowledge help one to love and obey God?
Does it help Him love us more?
Does it help help us understand when events of the future will take place?
What if I learn that Jesus will return this 4th of  July, Will I do more to be ready for that coming? What if I died tonight? Then I wouldn’t see it at all in my present lifetime.

I’d prefer to leave history and future to God’s direction, not wasting my time trying to understand the mind of God and His reasons for doing what he does. I’ll be satisfied with knowing;
He loves me… because He said so.
He died for my sins, because He want to.
He will destroy sin in His time, because He’s able.

Soon enough we’ll be living in eternity, where TIME doesn’t matter… there is only the present.

The live we live now should be ones that matters for eternity. Ones that testify of God’s love as we experience it, and His working in our lives as we write our own History of life in sin, and His Redeeming power in our lives.

Personally, I believe that when God created this earth He created a weekly cycle that was intended to continue for all eternity. Linear time, as we now know it, with consecutively numbered years did not begin until Adam and Eve sinned. Its purpose was to mark the time until our death. When we have returned to eternal life what purpose would it serve?

Things Are Poppin’

Not only are the firecrackers going off on a regular basis… despite laws to the contrary, but there has been a flurry of activity inside our coach. The day that I finished the ceiling we got our check from the IRS.

With all that extra money, we went to the floor, so-to-speak. It took me about two and a half days to get the carpet ripped out, underlayment installed and the new floor covering down. I still have a little bit of detailing and trim work to do, but that’ll have to wait until I get back to Bozeman and my shop tools.

I think it looks nice… Evelyn thinks it’ll be easy upkeep with a big dog and an old man around.

Thursday, I spent half a day with our daughter, Vickie and five dogs, panning for gold in Copper Creek. Well…. the five dogs just played around in the water while the serious work progressed. She and Jim have been out 4 times in various places over the past few weeks and this is the first time anyone has struck any color. As soon as we got home with news of the big find, Tabor packed up the stuff and went out with gold fever to try his luck. I guess he found a little also. It was exciting, but not enough gold to pay for the pans or sluice.

Hey! It’s a river sport that can be enjoyed by vegetarians! At least we know where to go next.

As soon as we got home with news of the big find, Tabor packed up the stuff and went out with gold fever to try his luck. I guess he found a little also. At least we know where to go now.

Day is dying in the west,
I am really, really blessed.
There’s rocket’s red glare
And bombs bursting in air.
And all through the night
My dog will be a fright.
But these are bombs of peace and joy
No death will they deploy.
So I’ll lay down without dread
Pet my scared doggy’s head,