Changes in our Life

Our motorhome has one of those ceilings made of lightweight carpet, backed by a thin layer of foam. With age the foam has deteriorated and is letting the carpet sag down in places. After trying to remedy the situation by removing some vents and light fixtures to make access to the saggy places, I sprayed glue above the carpet to reattach it. But, after sagging for so long the carpet was stretched out of shape and wouldn’t lay flat.

It took about an hour to get it in a heap on the floor. Then it was off to Lowe’s and Home Depot top select a new ceiling.

Acoustic tiles took its place.

But wait! If the ceiling gets redone, then we have to redo the TV spot now, too,because a larger TV is in the future plans… don’t want to be tearing up the new ceiling later.

Today our Tax Refund showed up. So why not do it ALL now? Tomorrow I’ll start on the floor. Next week we’ll get a tune up…


Leaving Town

I’ve been pretty busy this past week. Although it has been scheduled to rain nearly every day, I was able finish the deck construction at Stuart’s house. Paul and I had pretty much got the deck together before he had to leave.

Laura and Sarah left for work at Big Pines Youth camp, so Anita and Pedro wanted to go camping with us. There is a very nice camp on Battle Ridge, just a few miles from Bozeman that we decided on. They left Thursday afternoon and went went up Friday afternoon.

They got the brunt of a morning squall. More than an inch of snow greeted them Friday morning. Back home, our furnace had quit working earlier in the week, so we had been using electric heaters. But wait! Out in the “wilds,” we would either have to find a current bush to plug into , or use the generator in order to keep warm. We, I guess we could dress warm and go for a walk to keep warm.

When we arrived the snow was gone and it wasn’t raining. So, we all set off for a walk to see what flowers were in bloom. The most obvious were the yellow Glacier Lilies. But, as we walked we began to see more and more blooms.

I challenged Anita to a bloom hunt to see who could photograph the largest number of blooms. View my collection here.   We dodged raindrops, hiked, photographed flowers and tried to key them, and generally had a good time. Anita posted her’s on Facebook.!/album.php?aid=59889&id=1540905867

When we got back from camping we parked in the Ojeda’s yard, because our normal space on campus was to be used for campmeeting. I suspected that I might have backed into trouble when I saw that I was leaving tire tracks 2” deep in their lawn. When I extended the jacks and could level the motorhome, my suspicions were confirmed. The 6” blocks that I usually put under the jacks disappeared into the ground. I added more blocking. All-in-all he’s got at least 12” of blocking buried 6” under the surface of his grass! When I tried to reposition the motorhome the tires started going down, too.

I gave up on the leveling and we slept with our heads at the foot of the bed! The next day Pedro mounted his winch to his Toyota, cabled it to a tree that was across the street, pulled it out. Let’s hear a cheer for the David vs. Goliath! It came right out.

We left this past Wednesday afternoon, headed for Tabor’s graduation from Battle Ground HS. Stopped in Pasco for an early lunch and to see some friends. Arrived in Yacolt about 5 PM Thursday. The drop in elevation from Bozeman to Yacolt hasn’t really helped the weather… it’s still mostly cloudy  with 40 % chance of rain.