Moving Montana

We arrived back in Bozeman last Wednesday, and I can almost guarantee that somebody moved Montana about 800 miles westward toward the Pacific while we were gone!

Evidence: It has rained (or snowed) at least some part of every day since we got back. And if you’ll click the weather link at the left of this Blog, you see that we are scheduled for rain all of this week, also.

It true, we are still far enough east of the Pacific, that the grass dries out between showers, and the sun comes out long enough to lure you outdoors so that you can be caught without a coat in the next shower.

On a sunnier note, our grand-daughter, Laura, has made her big transition… graduation from high school. Congrats, Laura! In a few days she and her sister, Sarah, will be heading off to work the Summer at a youth camp in California… and parents begin their second honeymoon.