Computer Crashes and Other Stuff of Life

It has been awhile since I’ve been able to post anything. For a couple days we were in the middle of nowhere … Utah and Wyoming… without internet service. A “Fatal kernel error”

had been pleguing me for several weeks before we left Morro Bay, but restarting the computer would solve the problem… until the next time. The Apple Tech in San Luis Obispo that I explain the problem to, thought that I most likely had a hardware malfunction.
Anyway, probably as a result of too many power failures while I was working on the computer, it finally crashed beyond my understanding.
I limped along with Evelyn’s computer for more than a week, but the info and pictures  that I needed for this Blog was on my desktop that wouldn’t start.

Of course, one of the first stops I made upon arriving in Bozeman, was Stevens’ Computer Repair. I happened to catch Gordon just as he was shouldering his backpack to leave for the day. So, I hastily explained the situation and told him to take his time, and call me with the bad news before making any expensive repairs. He called the next morning and told me it was fixed. The start-up system files were corrupted. He installed the latest version for me and charged $36. I gave him $40… after all, I was expecting to pay several hundred.

So… here’s what you missed along the way.

05-17-2010 Harney Home for the Birds

Last night we took a dirt side road off of Hwy 28 looking for a place to park for the night. On the map it showed a ghost town, South Pass City. A state sign at the two-home site proclaimed this to be the oldest continuously inhabited town in Wyoming, and the site of its oldest gold mining community. The road was in very good condition, two lanes wide and raised several feet above the surrounding land, so there was no place to pull off the road for the night. If it hadn’t been for an intersection, there would have been no place to turn around either, so we opted for taking the loop back toward the Hwy. Less than a mile from the pavement we spotted a large concrete slab that made ample parking for for several RVs. Turning onto it, we set up housekeeping.

We have a beautiful view of the surrounding snow-patched hills.

For the last 2 hours, since shortly after sunrise, there has been a pair of Bluebirds trying to take over our motorhome.

It has been so neat to watch them as they take turns sitting on the wiper blades while await their turn in front of the rear-view mirrors. The female definitely gets more time for her vanity than he does. At time you can almost see the gears of her little brain as talks to him about this new house that has moved into the neighborhood.

“Look, Blue,” she seems to say, “The sign on the front says RENEGADE. That means ‘wild,’ don’t it? This is some wild home! Every time I look out this picture window, I see the neighbor woman looking at me. No matter what I say to her snoopiness, she won’t leave”.

“Lemmee look,” says Blue. “Hey! that ain’t no chick… That’s a guy!”

“Oh, my! What a handsome dude,” she says, as she swoops in for a closer look and chasing him away.

“Honey, get me a Harney Home!”

And so the bickering and chirping has gone most of the morning. At one point they discovered Jolie sunning herself and hopped up to within 3 feet of her nose.

“Oh, look,” says Blue, “The new home comes with some sort of malfunctioning security system.

Jolie just lies there raising first one eyebrow, then the other as she keeps them under scrutiny.

I put out some rolled oats and rice to see if the Bluebirds would eat. They didn’t, but Rufus Crowned Sparrows, Yellow Rump Warblers, and Sage Sparrows have shown up for the feast.

It is more than 3 hours since the Bluebirds took possession of our windshield. They stop their play every few minutes to go peck something off the ground, then come back to play. This is more entertaining than most TV.