On the Road Again

We left late Sunday afternoon and made it as far as the Winco store in Bakersfield, CA,where Evelyn needed to stock up. She finished doing her thing about 11 PM, so we just spent the rest of the night there.

For the next few days we’ll be around the north end of Lake Mead. Overton, NV, then up the Virgin River Valley.

We’d like to get back to Bozeman after the snow has stopped flying. They just had 6” of the stuff last night! For the last few days it has been in the high 80’s with a moderate breeze blowing. Very delightful. We’re getting hooked on desert weather again, and are a little reluctant to leave it.

We met Duane and Sue Schock on Tuesday in Henderson, NV, then drove out to the north end of the lake. He’s a Rockhound, so we had a good time looking for rocks. He had one up on me… he’s got a metal detector, so we also found a few coins, lead sinkers, and lots of beer cans.
For those of you who might know this area, we were camped at the end of Stewart’s Point Rd. At this point one is far enough away from light pollution that the stars are bright and seem close enough to slap you in the face!

The first night there I began to wonder aloud, if Jesus were born in this age, would the Magi have trouble following his star? I mean. with all those satellites and planes running around up there it may be somewhat distracting.

We located an RV Park in Overton for tonight. We were about out of water and the tanks needed to be emptied. It’s very nice, I don’t mind giving them a plug.

 Fun ‘n Sun RV Park.
Overton, NV 89040
TEL (702) 397-8894
Number of Sites: 112

 Full hookups for $22/ night.