Carnage in the Campground

Friday I had made an appointment to have my Inverter/Charger checked, since it seemed to be unable to make AC 120 power from the batteries.
Mike, the repairman, looked at the situation and asked me to turn on the Inverter switch.
“What Inverter switch?” I asked.
“Well unless it’s automatic. there’s a switch somewhere on a control panel,” he pointed out.
Well, I found one on the panel above the door. Turned it on and it worked as it was designed to do. Duh!
When I got back to camp I hooked up the tow-trailer and moved it to the overflow parking where we had it when we first arrived. While I was unhooking, the trash collectors pulled up in front of me. Of course they couldn’t get around me, so I motioned them to wait while I backed into Space 53. I was watching my progress through both mirrors as I backed. The sun was reflecting off my monitor, so I couldn’t see a thing on it.
Suddenly, there was a monumental crunching sound. Panicky, I hit the brakes and slowly pulled forward to a ripping sound. I had impaled myself on the site marker post!
Muttering a few things (that God has since forgiven me of), I pulled around to Site 30 and began setting up camp for the weekend.
When I finished, I set about making repairs. The hardest part was straightening the 2″X2″ angle iron that holds the mudflaps.
I repaired the last two storage doors that had been bent forward, and straightened an aluminum panel. The fiberglass will have to wait until we get to Bozeman.
When I finished late in the day, I went in to take a shower, only to find a tank of cold water! No problem, really, just have to reset the auto-starter unit. After 5 or 6 tries I gave up and took a cold shower. Serves me right, for the things I said about my driving!
Well, there still wasn’t any hot water this morning, so I took the circuit board down to the RV place to have them check it.
It was O.K. He asked me if I maybe had accidentally turned off the switch.
What switch? I’d never seen one that I know of.
Arriving back at camp, I checked the Control Center above the door. Sure enough, there was a switch marked “Heater,” not “Water Heater” though… so how would I know that it wasn’t for turning off the furnace?
Would you believe the water heater jumped to life in less than 10 seconds after flipping the switch to ON!
Color me red, for embarrassed!!!
Color me scarlet for 3 big BADS in 2 days.
Check here for photos of the damage.