Personal Countdown

We have a lot to do in the remaining week of our stay at Morro Bay State Park… and I’m still not fully recovered from my back surgery. I’ve concluded that it would be best for me if I got a power jack for the tongue of my toybox/car hauler to make hookups easier. Not that I have to lift the tongue, but cranking the manual jack could put a lot of twist on me as well.

Yesterday, I met with the Pulmonologist who gave me a few recommendations and explained a few of the CT results of my lung nodes, plaque, and other abnormalities.
There is damage from asbestosis, and 3-4 mm nodes from pneumonia or whatever. At this stage they may not mean much, but recommend that I be re-check in 3 months and again in 6 months. If they haven’t been growing, yearly checks after that will be O.K. So, I’m optimistic. I’ve know for a lot of years that sooner or later I’d have to meet the Asbestos Demon head-on, and if something else doesn’t take me first, asbestos will.
I’d sure like to have something astounding, mystical of sublime to write about. But my activities have been pretty well curtailed until I’m healed a little better. A few clandestine trips to town (Dr. said no riding in a car for the first 2 weeks), and a few trips to the beach so Evelyn could walk Jolie, has kept me from getting stir-crazy or riddled with cabin fever.
Probably the best movie that we’ve seen during these “lazy daze” is found on It’s a documentary of the genetic modification of foods.