Life Without Internet

 This was an entry from my Journal dated 02-19-2010. Since I was not using the Internet I had to find something else to do to occupy my time. Every few days I’ll insert some of these “missing” entries.

Earlier this week I vowed to remain off the internet for one month. Four days later I’m having withdrawals…although not as badly as I anticipated. I’ve played more games with Evelyn, walked more with Jolie and done a few more “crafty” things.

About two weeks ago, shortly after the storms, we went for a ride with Paul and Ginny up the coast to see what was left of the Elephant Seals. Along the way we stopped for lunch. The little park at San Simeon had several trees that had blown down and mostly cut up for firewood. Spotting a likely piece for carving, I asked at the info desk if I could have it. The gal gladly gave it up and I loaded it into the car. As I carried it to the car I was impressed by the aroma. It smelled much like a cedar, but the pitch smelled pine. I thought perhaps I had a piece of Sequoia or Redwood, but the wood didn’t seem to be red enough.

I was stumped for more than a week as to what I had to work with. Then, I identified it by the needles, at  botanical garden… It is a Coastal Cyprus!

I started by slabbing off a 2 1/4” thick piece for doing a relief carving. Since this was fresh wood, I started curing it in the oven. Each morning I turn the oven on the lowest setting for about an hour. It also takes the morning chill out of the coach.

With the remaining piece, I started carving “camp host head.”