Limited Return

I back in a limited way. I never dreamed I could NOT use a computer for so long!For the last couple of weeks I’ve sneaked in to delete my emails and screen for life-or-death must-reads, do my banking, and to post a few photos. That’s it!

What awesome willpower, or is that won’t power? I’ve read 4 books and started a 5th. I’ve discovered rock carving.

I was scheduled last week to have a herniated disk repaired. But during the routine pre-op screening, they discovered several “large areas of concern” on my left lung, and a lot of smaller areas on my right lung. So, the surgery was postponed until a Pulmanologist could give his opinion. The soonest that I can see one of those guys is April 12.
My first question was, “Are you just checking to see if I’m worth salvaging, before you do this repair? I mean, if I’m going to die in 6 months or so, there’s no point in fixing my back… right?”
Seems he’s just worried about me being sick or having TB, and not be able to recover.

Well, you and I know both know that for a person to have been hospitalized for pneomonia 5 times, have heavy exposure to plaster dust and asbestos, I’m bound to have some crazy stuff in my lungs. But I’M NOT SICK. Haven’t even had a cold for more than 5 years.
Well, as it turns out, my neurosurgeon goes to the same church I do, so I asked him Saturday, “Are you trying to kill me with pain, or just make it hard for me to go home?”
I explained more of my background in construction. He was sympathetic to my reasoning, and asked me to call his office first thing Monday morning. I did, and they are in the process of re-scheduling my surgery.

“In His time”… be patient, Don