Shuting down

This will be the last Blog entry for at least 30 days. I have decided that I spend too much time and money on the internet. So, this temporary shut-down is an effort to test my mettle, so-to-speak.
My wireless broadband subscription runs out in March, and if I have been able to get along without it until then… it’s “Bye-bye broadband and welcome home dollars.”
 This means that I will no longer be writing or answering emails, unless I happen to be near a computer that can go online.

I will continue journaling, but I’ll just be saving it to disk. Those of you who really need to get a hold of me have my cellphone number… use it.

Well hold on just a minute… I do all my banking online, too. Guess I’ll have to do that from a hot-spot somewhere.

Wish me well during my withdrawal pains.