Something New

Today I discovered a new wildflower. It looks like a Lupine. The flowers are white to pale-blue and shaped like a Lupine. The leaves are the size, shape and arrangement of a Lupine. BUT they are on woody stalks up to 6 feet high and 2 inches in diameter!

This one was the first one that I spotted on my walk. Looks like a normal Lupine until you see the bark covered stalk. It is about 3 feet high.
Later, I encountered a plant that was 4 feet across and more than 6 feet tall… I would have included it, but my camera was out of digits.

Now, contrast that with the mighty oaks along the central coast. These Coastal Live Oaks are a little over 60 years old.

(Notice my “pet rock” in the background) 

That’s right… this is a forest! Not scrubby brush. In a little sheltered ravine we found some of the oaks that were up to 12 feet tall, but most were4-6 feet tall.
On another note…. One morning this little critter followed Evelyn into camp and hasn’t left yet.

We have dubbed her the Screw-legged Cone Bird.

I also got a close-up shot of this Brown Wood-Heron.

May the mercy of God overshadow you  as you begin a new week.