Winter in Morro Bay

Thought I’d give ya’ll a glimpse of Winter in Morro Bay, CA… the central coast of sunny California. We just finished one week of stormy weather… and promises of more to come.
True, the daytime temps never went below 50F, and it wasn’t one continuous storm, but wave after wave. There were a few days that included lightning and thunder and nearly every day included some high winds. One day we had gusts up to 75 mph.

Two days we were without electricity because a tree a tree was blown over, covering 3 campsites and knocking down the power lines. A couple of days the surf was the highest that it has been since 1986.

Our campground is a mess of debris!

But there has been worse in other parts of SoCal… I hear that there was 5 inches of snow in Yucipa, near San Bernadino and Loma Linda!

When we just HAD to go to town this week, we sought out the Wal-Mart in Arroya Grande. A s we turned into the parking lot the thunder was rolling overhead and the rain was pelting down with gusto. So, I let Evelyn out at the door and went on to find a parking place. I was dashing through the rain for the shelter of the store , when I passed an amazing sight. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I ran back to the car to get my camera. I’ve never seen a sight like this in my life.

Passenger side windshield

Rear Window, Driver side
 Notice Spiderman lying on the back ledge, waging a War on Grime!
This was a middle-aged Saturn, packed nearly to the ceiling with active trash. This was not just someone hauling stuff to the recycle center. It was a continuous growth of garbage! True, some of it was bagged, but most of it was composed empty cracker and cookie boxes, candy bar wrappers, coffee cups, toy packaging. The front passenger seat was filled nearly to the ceiling. Empty cups flowed across the dashboard and a few were smashed on the floor around the brake and gas pedals. The seat and floor was full beyond the headrests. The deck behind the rear seats had a small peep hole accommodating a view through the rear-view mirror. I would have loved to have hung out for a while to talk to the owner…. but that was cold water running down the back of my neck. I had suffered enough for these photos to back up my story.
Today we visited the Museum of Natural History that is across the street from our Park. It is run mostly by volunteers and is funded by donations from local businesses. All the firewood for our parks in this area is supplied by prison labor, and is sold by the Camp Hosts in the State Parks. The proceeds all go to this museum to help defray operating costs.
During a break in the storms I discovered the flowers of the Eucalyptus trees. Our campsite has been bombarded for weeks with the “nuts” from these trees. The brought the flowers down to my lens.
During an afternoon lull, I photographed Jolie “catching some rays” from her new bed.

May all of your storms be a source of joy, and fill your heart with hope for a better time.