Camping Hosts

It’s been a busy week. We got things pretty well set up in our “permanent” location. We’ve been trained by Paul and Ginny, and Ranger Dale. We been finger-printed and had our backgrounds checked, and today we get our photo-ID badges that will make us official-looking.
On our days off we’ve visited some of the other State Parks along the Central Coast. Montana de Oro is the best one that is nearby. We’ve attended two nearby churches, found the closest Costco, Wal-mart and Mac stores. Tried a new sub-shop and an authentic Mexican restaurant, Chile Peppers.

Sunday morning was a high tide. To up the ante for spectacular views, there had been a 6.2 earthquake near San Francisco Bay over night. The surf was exceptionally loud when I made my rounds at 7AM. So we decided to make a quick trip out to Spooner Cove at Montana de Oro to see what we could see.

The waves making it into the cove were awesome alright, but beyond the point they seemed to be higher. So after taking a few pics at the rocks, we walked out to the south point. There we found three surfer dudes who had taken the morning’s #10 Surf and Weather Alert to be a challenge… they were surfing. After the first two made it in OK, I thought I’d try to capture the next one with my camera. Not having a good tele lens, I wasn’t too sure if it would work. Here is one of the many photos of him. I’ve it titled, Finding Waldo in the Waves.

Another event that made my day, was the photograph a green flare. According to some coastal sunset watchers here, a green flare or halo can be seen around the sun just as it is setting over the water. So, one evening I set up the camera and started taking exposure every 5-8 seconds, about the time I thought it would be seen. I never did see it. Maybe it was because the sun was too bright to be looking directly at it, or maybe it was because I was wearing my sunglasses, I don’t know, but I was a little disappointed. But imagine my surprise when I started unloading the photos to my computer! In this case, it wasn’t a flash… but a glow that lasted for 4 exposures!

Talked this morning with a gentleman a couple site over from us. We had watched as he baited a couple of tables with peanuts, then proceeded to set up some very expensive looking video cameras. He flagged Evelyn down, as she was heading into town to do some laundry, to ask what kind of bird was her favorite.
“Hummingbirds,” she replied. Whereupon , he dug around in the trunk of his car and gave her a DVD of Hummingbirds that he had filmed.

He and I talked computers, the advantages of Canon cameras and the marvels of God’s flying creations. He encouraged me to sacrifice for a tele lens. “Go into debt if you have to,” he proclaimed, “If you don’t, when they’re putting you into that underground closet you’ll be moaning, ‘I could have gotten a better shot with a bigger lens.’”

Then he bent over to pick up a penny that had been lying on the ground. Handing it to me, he said, “Here’s your down payment! Don’t give up the dream!”