01-02-2010 Sneaking up on Birds

OK? So  how long will you continue to write 2009 for the date, as I just caught myself doing?

Has the full moon been just gorgeous the past couple of nights? I’m truly sorry if, wherever you are, you are socked it by rain clouds or snow flurries. It has been clear here and light enough to walk around outside at night without the aid a flashlight.

Yesterday, about mid-morning, we unfolded the Port-a-bote and rowed a short loop of Morro Bay. Just around the corner from our camp is an estuary with hoards of birds. We just HAD to check them out at a closer range.

Passing the marina, we launched into this view of Morro Rock.

As we rowed past the marina entrance I snapped this little guardian of the portal.

The first birds that we got really close to were these little brown an gray ones with long beaks. Haven’t been able to identify them yet, but we were absolutely amazed at how fearless they were! I paddled right up to them until the boat wouldn’t float any longer. They were barely 4 feet away from us and Jolie was quivering with excitement.

This little Snowy Egret reminded us of a movie, “Grumpy Old Man.” When all the others had taken flight, he just sat there, daring us to get any closer. His “stinkey-eye” look kept us at about 20 feet… just to humor an old guy!

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  1. According to the Audubon Society's field guide photos and descriptions, it looks like the brown-grey birds are "shearwaters". Looks like you guys are having fun in the absence of liquid sunshine!

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