New Job

This morning we signed on as volunteers with CA Parks as Camp Hosts through April 2010.

Sorry guys, but this place is nearly on the beach AND there are hot springs nearby. We’ll be working with Paul and Ginny Chissus and one other couple that we haven’t met yet. Paul was my classmate in High School, the Best Man at our wedding.

Talk about God opening and closing doors and leading us! It happened this way. Our generator started running inconsistently. Without a generator it’s pretty hard to rough in the desert, so yesterday we took the coach to an Onan repair shop. They were pooping around for 2 hours trying to diagnose the problem, but it is mounted a place that is a very tight fit. I suggested that he take it out of the coach to work on it to save me some time(=$$). They did.

At $90 per hour the money was quickly going down the tubes. I’d would be shocked if the bill comes to less than $1,000. So now what are we going to do? That pretty much shoots our fuel money for this month and most of next. When we got back to camp last evening, we found that Paul had arranged an interview for us at 10 AM today. As God had planned it, one of the Host turned in her 1 week notice early this morning!
Wow! God knew we weren’t going to be able to go anywhere anyway! So, He gave us something to do right here.

Makes me wonder what else He has in mind for us in this place?