Last Day of the Year

What a way to start the last day!  At 3:30 AM Jolie insisted that it was time to go out for a “constitutional.” It seems she had to verify that her world still existed, by sniffing every bush, clump of grass, and squirrel trail for half a block.

Of course, I was intent on getting this operation over with as quickly as possible, and heading back to bed. She was taking an insufferably long time, so I stepped into the shadow of a small tree (yes, the full moon was beautiful), and proceeded to demonstrate to her how it is done quickly. It worked. She marked over my spot and we headed happily back to bed.

Not so fast there, Don! At 5:30 AM she was back, whining to go out again!

Oh well, this time I got dressed a little better, and we went for a one hour walk. She did her thing, and I took a few pictures of the awesome sunrise.

Today, I have a 10 AM interview for a Workamper position with CA Parks system. We also will need to pick up our generator that we left with the Onan service guys yesterday. It had stopped starting. Hum-m-m-m, that might be an oxymoronic phrase. If it isn’t finished yet I guess we’ll have to start paying for a camping place.

By clicking on the link in the left column you’ll see what kind of weather we’re experiencing here on the coast of mid-California. By clicking here you’ll see the weather we let behind in Bozeman. I’m so glad God has made a variety of conditions to accommodate our individual differences!