We arrived yesterday morning at Morro Bay, the first leg of “Snow Bird” trip, to visit with our high school friends Paul and Ginny. We had planned to be here for at least two nights, but there is a possibility for a volunteer position in this area, so we may spend a little more time here.

Morro, it seems, is a name for mini-volcano. Indeed, there are a number of “volcano” remains in the area, called by some, Ingenious Intrusion Magma. Those of you who are acquainted with Beacon Rock, or Rooster Rock Park in the Columbia Gorge, will know what I’m trying to describe. Molten lava has been extruded through the earth’s crust and into a softer layer of dirt, rock or sand. The extrusion then cooled. When the softer material eroded away it left columns of stone standing. There are nine of these structures in this area. One of these stands in the bay itself, others stretch along the coast all the way to San Luis Obisbo.

There are several hot springs in the area, also, that would be an attraction for us, but all the low-cost RV parks are full. So it appears that we should be moving on when our time is up on Wednesday.

Today we visited Elephant Seal Beach. This beach has been the hangout for Elephant Seals since about 1990.  It is visited twice a year by the seals. During the Winter the young are birthed and the females bred before the babies are left behind to learn to swim and gather food on their own at about three month of age. During that time the babies are growing about ten pounds per day. Click here to learn much more about these weird animals.

Late in the afternoon Evelyn noticed one of the females acting rather restless and wondered if maybe she was in labor. The longer we watched the more convinced we were that she was indeed in labor.

I tracked down one of the volunteer guides and asked  him how long it took for a delivery. He guess about a half-hour at most. Since we had already been watching her for more than half that time, I hurried back to tell the others. We decided to hang around to see what popped out. Our waiting was well rewarded. Click here for the birthing photos.

On our way back to Morro Bay we stopped to run Jolie in the setting sun.
God is great… God is good!