Outta Dodge!

Jon checking out of the hospital late yesterday afternoon when I left, and was headed home. The staff seems to have treated him well. He was up walking around and had good coordination in his right arm. The only big problem was their inability to get his blood-sugar within the normal range, but it’s almost there.

OK!  It’s settled. Barring an act of God, we’re out of here Christmas morning. I’m getting tired of all the delays in getting service for my back problem. I finally have the MRI & Xray CDs in my hot little hand and we’re heading south. The Neurologist is gone for 2 weeks, then won’t be able help me for another 2-6 weeks!
I’ve lived with it since July, another month or two won’t make that much difference. But, since I’ll be waiting, I might as do it where it is warmer.

We’ll leave here before noon Xmas AM and make the first stop in Stayton, OR where we’ll visit friends and attend church. Then “We’re on the Road Again…..”