Where the Heart is

I stopped by to see my brother, Jon, at Salmon Creek Legacy, where he was taken after his stroke on Saturday. I didn’t know about it until late Sunday! Anyway,  I spent a good share of the day with him. He’s feeling a lot better now than on Saturday, but still has a little trouble coordinating his right leg.
When it first happened he couldn’t move his right arm or leg and his right face was disfigured somewhat. On top of that his Corradids are about 70% clogged and he is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure AND his blood-sugar was all over the place from 265 to 500+ throughout the day today.
Needles to say, they aren’t about to let him go home for awhile! I suspect that he is a lot worse off than he realizes or lets on. He just wants to get out of there, and who can blame him.

Who can know the inscrutable plans of God for our lives? All we can do is follow his leading.

It used to be that the social life of our extended family was holidays, such as these, and birthday celebrations. No more often than not, it is a funeral that brings us together. To think, some refer to these as “The Golden Years.” How little they know! It’s getting to look a lot like Chris…. uh, “Sunset Years!”

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m getting homesick for heaven.