Face to Face

 Had another one of those cherished face-to-face visiting hours again for the second time in a week. I have nothing against Blogging or email, but this was SO much better. This time I spent almost two hours visiting with my sister, Sharon. After visiting awhile it struck me that she was no longer a redhead! Sure I expected it to be a little gray, but it was more than that… It is blonde, with a touch of brown at the back of her head. She related how her hair changed color as it re-grew after her chemotherapy and stem cell therapy.
Perhaps one of the best times was when I opened up the scans that I made a couple weeks ago of some old school annuals from CAA.
We poured over the photos of our classes back in the “olden days,” trying to see how many of those strange little kids we recognized. And speculated as to what they might be doing these days. The oldest one I could find of my class was 1948 What a hoot!
Between the two of us we were able to identify the vast majority of them. Considering our age, that in itself was quite a feat.
 Larry, and I have also been emailing back and forth trying to piece together a little history of our youth. He was one of my partners-in-crime from about the fourth or fifth grade until I graduated from high school in 1959. He’s at least three years younger than I, but he had more trouble identifying some of the kids  than I did. No offense, Larry!

Another highlight this week was getting 5 disks of music- plus permission to use her work- from a schoolmate from the late 50’s. Now I’ll be able to produce as many nature videos as I want without fear of treading on somebody’s copyrights.