Mystery Solved!

It is 3F this morning,,, and my water is still working PTL.

The source of the mysterious smoking candle smell has been discovered. I believe it is the halitosis of Mother Nature as she hovers over our home in the wie hours of the morning, clawing at our windows trying to force herself into our consciousness. All this dawned upon me as I was roused to semi-alertness by Jimmy starting his diesel truck not 10 feet from the front of our motorhome.

I spent an hour or so yesterday helping my brother Jon set up his new computer and get onto the Internet. He wanted access to the net for research purposes only, but I talked him into setting up an email account also:
If you know him, shoot him a note.

While you’re still considering what to do with the rest of your day, take a couple minutes to watch this video and help save the TA-TAs !