Weatherwise and Otherwise

I awoke this morning to the smell of candle smoke, which is very obnoxious to me. After exploring every nook and cranny of the motorhome, I could find no candles burning. Evelyn claims that the smell was there yesterday also. However, by the time I woke up about 5 AM, it was no more evident. The smell goes away throughout the daytime. So the mystery lives on. Sometimes when the propane level is almost gone, there is a peculiar smell when we are using the stove top, but this a different smell and the external tank that we are attached to is at 40%.

Anyway, that 3:45 arousal revealed a much more serious problem. Our water supply is frozen, despite the fact that we leave the water dribbling at the faucet. We are parked next to Jim and Vickie’s shop with our supply hose going through a hole in the wall to a faucet inside the unheated shop. The exposed hose is wrapped with insulation between motorhome and shop. Inside the shop there is about 4’ of hose and a water filter that is not protected, so draped a wool blanket over the assembly plus a bar stool to “tent” the area and put a small electric heater under the stool. Also disconnected a heater vent in the “basement area” where the majority of pipes and the water pump are located, to pump a little hot air in there. Here’s hopin’ it thaws before something breaks inside my water system.

It’s not as cold here as back home in Bozeman, where I understand it is -12F, but the 6F we have here is way too cold for me. It’s time to get out of Dodge, as they say in the Western movies.

I finally got my Neurology appointment for Dec. 18, but I think that if it warms up enough to get our gear together before that date, I’m in favor of leaving while I can and taking care of this back stuff later.

I’ve been sweeping some cobwebs off my “memory lane” this week. In rummaging around my hard drives, I came across these photos of my early years at Meadow Glade Elementary. Who are some of these kids, anyway? Ina and Larry Pierce helped me with a few of the names, but there are still some gaps. Most of the kids I can recall things about them… but not the name. With others it’s a complete BLANK, name and face.

If any of you readers can help me out Comment below or send me an eMail:

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Have a good day, and may all your problems be warm ones!