New Tech… for me

Today, I thought I’d share my newest “Internet find.” I’ve been using this goody for a little over over a week and it is AWSOME.

My problem in the past has been that my Internet connect is not fast enough to watch YouTube, Vimeo, Google, HULU and other sites without those annoying pauses (“hiccups”) while the stream buffers. Plus, I’ve seen a few that I would have like to saved, but couldn’t.

Firefox browser Plugins to the rescue! With this handy, free plugin from Sothink, (}
ALSO here for others from Sothink  (  )
my problem is solved.
It works with Windows ME through Vista. And there are versions for Mac and Linux. It puts an icon in your browser bar, and when to navigate any site, if there is a video in any format, the icon blinks and you’ll be able to download as a Flash (.flv) file.

Now that you’ve installed the plugin go here  for the neatest talk by Margaret Feinberg author of “Scouting The Divine.” Now this site has no options for downloading its videos, but with this handy plugin, just click the icon, tell it where you want the video to be saved, and viola! you can go wash the dishes or go back to bed or to work. It took my connection nearly three hours to capture the 39 minute video, but now I can watch it anytime I wish. I told you about this video several days ago. It’s a good one!