Angels and Demons

Well folks, it’s 22F here this morning… expecting a high of 45F. I’m sprouting wings for a flight south. I may have to leave before I can get anything done with my back situation.

We were invited to watch the movie “Angels and Demons” the other night. Now ordinarily, just the title would be enough to keep me away, but when I got a quick run-down on the content. I decided to give it a try.

It was another blood and guts movie, but I did glean an insight. Science is a “religion!”

Galilao, Newton and other early scientists were members of an underground group called “Illuminati,” the enlightened ones. Most of them carried out their work in secret, for fear of being imprisoned or put to death. The early scientist insisted that they believed in God, but had a view of the world around them that was different than the clergy of the day.

Throughout the following centuries many scientists have drawn away from God and have leaned toward humanism and the illumination that they have gleaned from their studies without God.

We commoners have been duped for generations. Because so much of the what we have learned through science has seemed to be of benefit to mankind. In the realm of medicine, who can deny the benefits, although most are a mixed bag. Let me explain.

The goal of a doctor is to keep a person alive at all cost. When they succeed we applaud them. But is it ethically right to keep a disfigured and maimed “vegetable” of a person alive for years and years, (to the profit of healthcare providers) when it would probably have been better to let them go in peace. Vaccinations are supposed to keep us in better health, but evidence is accumulating that what benefits some, is devastation to others.

In the realm of communication. Gone are the days when we used to sent around the campfire in the evenings recounting the deeds and genealogies of our progenitors, and the great things God has done in the lives of mankind. It’s true that we can still do those things, but do we? Now, with mass communications we can do it on a much larger scale than a campfire…. but do we? The bulk of our communication just a distraction from God and the weightier things of life.

In the realm of travel. Gone are the days of having a relationship with a horse, elephant, camel or llama. The days when we had time to think about God as we traveled. Now we circle the globe in a matter of hours, giving us more free time to get into trouble. I think the original plan for sin was that it would be contained within our earthly system. But whoa! With our science, we’ve already pushed our sin into the space around us. We’ve not only polluted this earth beyond repair, but now we are polluting space. Shame on us!
A surprising number of scientists deny the existence of God, the revealed facts of creation, and the prevailing works of evil in this world, by a power unseen and outside themselves. In truth, science has become a religion of the worship of man’s illumination.

2 thoughts on “Angels and Demons

  1. Sounds to me like you're AGREEING not DISAGREEING!If a person is in the vegetive state, it's time to let them go… spend our resources on those alive people that can understand God's love and plan of salvation.As far as people who have lived beyond their "three score and ten," perhaps God is waiting for them to accept Him and His offer of salvation, or giving them a opportunities to witness for Him.You mentioned God pulling the plug. Are we going against God, or setting ourselves up as a god when we stand at the bedside with our hand on the plug, so to speak, making sure our loved one doesn't die? Hm-m-m-mIs it any wonder that our health-care costs are skyrocketing. With a nation of panicky people who don't really trust God to do what's right. People who haven't been warned of the clear and present dangers of living in this world, and haven't a clue as to the future holds for mankind. Many are just grappling to stay alive, fearing that this life is the only heaven or hell they'll ever know.Been there, done that!

  2. Good thing you're not cynical!You make some good points. As far as our communication, I wholeheartedly agree; we are getting more and more disconnected with God and with each other in our overly connected technnical world. I, too, think it is just a huge distraction. Face to face interactions are becoming more rare by the minute.However, I have to disagree with you a bit on your analysis of the medical community (of course, I may be biased). Working primarily with the elderly, I have had countless experiences when I have questioned exactly what you are talking about, caring for people in comas on a ventilator, as well as the really old elderly (100's), who themselves question why in the world God would keep them here, when they are more than ready to depart. For a long time, I thought God was unfair.Then, I developed a hypothesis for some of these situations, which has helped many of them in their struggles. All of our lives, when we are active, we try to be in control of everything. Even when we say we trust God with our lives, we still work, we still make plans,etc. Only when we are completely dependent can we learn what it is to truly rely fully on God. Maybe that is one last lesson God has some of us learn before he pulls the plug.

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