Let’s Pretend… It’s Real?

Last week, I was involved again, in a discussion about the DiVinci Code or something very similar. Maybe there’s a reason.
These discussions usually start with, “What do you think about…” or “I think there might be something to that DiVinci Code thing…” Or I’m asked if I’ve seen the movie or read the book. “No, but I have seen ‘National Treasure,’ ‘Johnny Tramain,’ ‘The Bridges of Madison County,’ and read ‘The Midnight Ride of Paul Reevre’ and dozens of other good movies and stories, all based of some facts of history and woven into a good story.”
Come on folks, DiVini Code, like all the others, is nothing but a good story, not gospel!
If the basic premiss of the DiVinci Code, that Jesus didn’t really die, but sneaked off to some other country, married Mary Magdalene and had children with her, were true, there would be absolutely NO basis for the religion of Christianity!
Christianity, as recorded in the Bible, is based upon the premiss that there is a God who:
• Created everything that exists
• including mankind
• before His creation even began he devised the plan to deal with any rebellion that might arise among the intelligent beings that He would make
• they would be given a time of probation, then God Himself would offer to become a created being and die the deserved death for anyone who would accept the offer, and anyone who didn’t change their mind they would be destroyed
• the first rebellion took place right next to His throne, with Lucifer
• mankind disobeyed a direct order from God to not eat from a particular tree
• that disobedience was the entering wedge for Lucifer’s reign of terror on this earth
• our allegience turned from God to Lucifer
• The Old Testament is a record of God’s dealings with people on this earth and His efforts to convince people here that His was the best way to live; that He has been patient and loving; that all the sickness, wars, bitternes, and hatred are the results of rebellion against Him.. called sin
• in that record is found prophecies of a “Messiah,” the one and only God who would join the DNA of His creation, to live among us, and die the death we deserve.
• was He acutally here? According to Biblical history, yes. Did he die at the hands of the Roman killing machine? According the hundreds, possibley thousands, yes. According to four independent written records, YES. Were there lies told about the facts? Most deffinently, starting with the bribes paid to the Romans guarding His tomb, to say that Jesus friends stole his body while they slept.
• the fact is, the Romans didn’t kill him, nor did the Jews. True, they put him on trial, and they hung him on the tree… but they didn’t kill him. In fact they were surprised that he had died so soon. When they came to break the legs of the three men hanging there to keep them from escaping, they expressed their surprise that Jesus appeared to be dead, and stuck a spear into his side to see if he was faking it.
• the fact is, Jesus told his follower, “I will lay down my life and take it up again.”
• he also said, “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”… even though they THOUGHT they knew they were killing a trouble maker.
• they taunted him saying, “He saved other let him save himself now.” But if he DID save himself from that terrible death, there would be no hope of their salvation and redemption from the clutches of sin in their lives or ours. The whole concept of Christianity would be null and void.
This is SOOOOoooooo much better than just a good story. And I choose to believe it is true; he lived the perfect life in my place, and suffered the death I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies.
If we choose to live the “Christian” life, it seems to me that we ought to believe what God has chosen to reveal about Himself, rather than taking for “gospel” what people who were not even there, have to say about it.