New Job

This morning we signed on as volunteers with CA Parks as Camp Hosts through April 2010.

Sorry guys, but this place is nearly on the beach AND there are hot springs nearby. We’ll be working with Paul and Ginny Chissus and one other couple that we haven’t met yet. Paul was my classmate in High School, the Best Man at our wedding.

Talk about God opening and closing doors and leading us! It happened this way. Our generator started running inconsistently. Without a generator it’s pretty hard to rough in the desert, so yesterday we took the coach to an Onan repair shop. They were pooping around for 2 hours trying to diagnose the problem, but it is mounted a place that is a very tight fit. I suggested that he take it out of the coach to work on it to save me some time(=$$). They did.

At $90 per hour the money was quickly going down the tubes. I’d would be shocked if the bill comes to less than $1,000. So now what are we going to do? That pretty much shoots our fuel money for this month and most of next. When we got back to camp last evening, we found that Paul had arranged an interview for us at 10 AM today. As God had planned it, one of the Host turned in her 1 week notice early this morning!
Wow! God knew we weren’t going to be able to go anywhere anyway! So, He gave us something to do right here.

Makes me wonder what else He has in mind for us in this place?


Last Day of the Year

What a way to start the last day!  At 3:30 AM Jolie insisted that it was time to go out for a “constitutional.” It seems she had to verify that her world still existed, by sniffing every bush, clump of grass, and squirrel trail for half a block.

Of course, I was intent on getting this operation over with as quickly as possible, and heading back to bed. She was taking an insufferably long time, so I stepped into the shadow of a small tree (yes, the full moon was beautiful), and proceeded to demonstrate to her how it is done quickly. It worked. She marked over my spot and we headed happily back to bed.

Not so fast there, Don! At 5:30 AM she was back, whining to go out again!

Oh well, this time I got dressed a little better, and we went for a one hour walk. She did her thing, and I took a few pictures of the awesome sunrise.

Today, I have a 10 AM interview for a Workamper position with CA Parks system. We also will need to pick up our generator that we left with the Onan service guys yesterday. It had stopped starting. Hum-m-m-m, that might be an oxymoronic phrase. If it isn’t finished yet I guess we’ll have to start paying for a camping place.

By clicking on the link in the left column you’ll see what kind of weather we’re experiencing here on the coast of mid-California. By clicking here you’ll see the weather we let behind in Bozeman. I’m so glad God has made a variety of conditions to accommodate our individual differences!


We arrived yesterday morning at Morro Bay, the first leg of “Snow Bird” trip, to visit with our high school friends Paul and Ginny. We had planned to be here for at least two nights, but there is a possibility for a volunteer position in this area, so we may spend a little more time here.

Morro, it seems, is a name for mini-volcano. Indeed, there are a number of “volcano” remains in the area, called by some, Ingenious Intrusion Magma. Those of you who are acquainted with Beacon Rock, or Rooster Rock Park in the Columbia Gorge, will know what I’m trying to describe. Molten lava has been extruded through the earth’s crust and into a softer layer of dirt, rock or sand. The extrusion then cooled. When the softer material eroded away it left columns of stone standing. There are nine of these structures in this area. One of these stands in the bay itself, others stretch along the coast all the way to San Luis Obisbo.

There are several hot springs in the area, also, that would be an attraction for us, but all the low-cost RV parks are full. So it appears that we should be moving on when our time is up on Wednesday.

Today we visited Elephant Seal Beach. This beach has been the hangout for Elephant Seals since about 1990.  It is visited twice a year by the seals. During the Winter the young are birthed and the females bred before the babies are left behind to learn to swim and gather food on their own at about three month of age. During that time the babies are growing about ten pounds per day. Click here to learn much more about these weird animals.

Late in the afternoon Evelyn noticed one of the females acting rather restless and wondered if maybe she was in labor. The longer we watched the more convinced we were that she was indeed in labor.

I tracked down one of the volunteer guides and asked  him how long it took for a delivery. He guess about a half-hour at most. Since we had already been watching her for more than half that time, I hurried back to tell the others. We decided to hang around to see what popped out. Our waiting was well rewarded. Click here for the birthing photos.

On our way back to Morro Bay we stopped to run Jolie in the setting sun.
God is great… God is good!

The Day to Remember

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good year!
May God’s Gift to you be worth the price he paid!
Be safe in hard times.
Live for Him, you’ll not regret it.
Let His love shine through your life.

Outta Dodge!

Jon checking out of the hospital late yesterday afternoon when I left, and was headed home. The staff seems to have treated him well. He was up walking around and had good coordination in his right arm. The only big problem was their inability to get his blood-sugar within the normal range, but it’s almost there.

OK!  It’s settled. Barring an act of God, we’re out of here Christmas morning. I’m getting tired of all the delays in getting service for my back problem. I finally have the MRI & Xray CDs in my hot little hand and we’re heading south. The Neurologist is gone for 2 weeks, then won’t be able help me for another 2-6 weeks!
I’ve lived with it since July, another month or two won’t make that much difference. But, since I’ll be waiting, I might as do it where it is warmer.

We’ll leave here before noon Xmas AM and make the first stop in Stayton, OR where we’ll visit friends and attend church. Then “We’re on the Road Again…..”

Where the Heart is

I stopped by to see my brother, Jon, at Salmon Creek Legacy, where he was taken after his stroke on Saturday. I didn’t know about it until late Sunday! Anyway,  I spent a good share of the day with him. He’s feeling a lot better now than on Saturday, but still has a little trouble coordinating his right leg.
When it first happened he couldn’t move his right arm or leg and his right face was disfigured somewhat. On top of that his Corradids are about 70% clogged and he is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure AND his blood-sugar was all over the place from 265 to 500+ throughout the day today.
Needles to say, they aren’t about to let him go home for awhile! I suspect that he is a lot worse off than he realizes or lets on. He just wants to get out of there, and who can blame him.

Who can know the inscrutable plans of God for our lives? All we can do is follow his leading.

It used to be that the social life of our extended family was holidays, such as these, and birthday celebrations. No more often than not, it is a funeral that brings us together. To think, some refer to these as “The Golden Years.” How little they know! It’s getting to look a lot like Chris…. uh, “Sunset Years!”

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m getting homesick for heaven.

“Miss Me But Let Me Go”

When I come to the end of the road
and the sun has set for me
I want not rites in a gloom-filled room.
Why cry for the soul set free?

Miss me a little and not too long,
and not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that we once shared.

Remember me, but let me go.
For this is a journey that we all must take
and each must go alone.
It’s part of life’s plan,
A step on the road home.

When you are lonely and sick at heart,
go to the family and friends we know,
and bury your sorrows in doing good deeds,
Miss me, but let me go.

Today, we attended a memorial for a friend that we knew for way too few years. Jerry Edward Courtney died Nov. 23, 2009 after struggling with Alzheimer’s for nearly 5 years. After a 12 year courtship, he married one of my childhood schoolmates, Shirley Keilman-Romig ,just last summer.

I’ve been wondering for the last 7 weeks, why it seems that we have NOT been able to get out of Yacolt this winter. Today the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. God has kept me here for the job he had for me today at the memorial!

You see, ten minutes before the memorial service, someone called the minister, because he hadn’t arrived yet. It seems that he had written Dec. 22 on his calendar Planner, and was already engaged in another activity!

Shirley’s mother quietly called me aside to ask if I could help them out. It was my honor to MC the event… even at a “moment’s notice.”

As this poem points out, Shirley, it’s a path that we all must take… alone. Gather your remaining friends and family, and cling to the Lord for comfort. You are still young. You may have a lot of years yet to live. Live them for Him and He’ll not disappoint you.

Farewell Jerry, may we see you again.