My Shrivled World

The internet, I’ve discovered, is one of Al Gore’s modern miracles, but it is taking too much of my time.
From it I have learned many things. Like how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in my lifetime.
“knowledge shall be increased”
“men’s hearts failing them for fear”
“the devil wanders about seeking whom he can devour”
“men will be lovers of pleasure, rather than of God”
and so many more.
I don’t know about yours, but my internet feeds me that sort of thing too much of the time. I suspect that yours does, too, because I get so much of it from you all.

It COULD be used for such good things… like communicating what’s going on in your daily lives, or sharing just the highlights. But no, most of what I get is “Forwards” that you have received that have been passed along several hundred times.
It’s like most people don’t have any original thoughts… they just enjoy sharing something that tickles their fancy, or that has shocked them.

Despite what you might think, there are those who care to share your personal joys and heartaches. We live in a big world that has so shrunken that it can be circled in a few short hours. We can communicate with someone on the other side of the world or across town in micro seconds. I am currently living within a half hours drive of the majority of my remaining extended family, but the only thing that consistently brings us together is a funeral or nutty emails! Is that sick or what?

Yeah, yeah, I know, if I live so close, why don’t I stop by to see you? Good question. Why is it that I, like you prefer to communicate via a keyboard rather than face-to-face. Is it the basic laziness of mankind that gets in the way? We have so many things to do, games to play, shopping to do, that we just can’t pack it all into a day. So, old fashioned visiting “bites it in the shorts.”

I guess my rant should have a point. It is this, Please don’t Forward email to me that you didn’t write. In accordance with my new policy, I’ll just “Trash” it without opening it. If it is so funny you’re falling out of your chair and you just HAVE TO share it, take the time to tell me about it in your own words. If it is so scary that you HAVE TO warn me, condense it and do it in your own words. From now on…. I’ll do the same for you.
In fact, when we find something like that on the ‘net it would probably be better if we would step across the street and personally share it with a neighbor.

For those of you that aren’t that near, I have my Blog in which I share with anyone the things that concern me, my welfare, my joys, and my disappointments. However, I plan to spend much less time at the computer (for the benefit of Al Gore ;>), and more time visiting.