A Day of Rejoicing

A Day of Rejoicing has come. But it is a mixed bag.
Yesterday, Evelyn had the pins removed from her toes. It only hurt half as badly as the day she fell and bent them. But it could have hurt less than that, except that the wires were still a little bent. One was still a good ten degrees! Since they were inserted through the inside of the bones and joining three bones in each toe, the exit was doing a lot of wobbling of the joints that were trying to mend.
So now, she can walk without crutches…YEAH!

The bad news is, she has developed shingles on her face. She has started a series of meds that will shorten the length of the outbreak. The rash, itching, and shooting pains are a bit of a joy breaker.

Just watched a talk by Margaret Feinberg, the author of “Scouting the Devine”.

Modern times have diluted the Bible’s most powerful imagery. What does it mean to know that “Jesus is Lamb of God” when the only places we encounter sheep are at petting zoos? How can we understand the promise of “a land overflowing with milk and honey” when the only honey we buy comes in a bear-shaped bottle at the supermarket? Can we grasp Jesus’ invitation to “abide in the vine” when we shop for grapes at Costco?

She does an intriguing, animating job of ferreting out the answers. It’s a good view. I highly recommend it.