The HISTORY CHANNEL reveals links

Double WOW! I just finished a 3-part segment on YouTube starting here about the efforts to limit population growth around the world.

I’ve know since I was a youth that Satan has been at work trying to kill as many of God’s prime creation as he can before his time is up, but I had no idea how many in the world are banding together to make this happen. War is the prime example, of course, but it has gotten much more insidious than that.

Here are a few choice things that I learned from this movie alone:

* The Rockefeller family donated the land in NY for the United Nations building… the first major step toward a one-world government. This body’s laws supreceed those of any other government. The World Health Org. is under UN control.

*GAVI- Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization was launched in 1999 by a HUGE donation- $740 million by the Bill and Mellissa Gates Foundation. The goals of GAVI are to improve the health of 70 of the world’s poorest nations. (Good goal, but…). They do this by vaccinations and immunizations ONLY. They don’t provide food, shelter, clean water or any other medicines.

* In 1974 Henry Kissinger (who was a protoge of John Rockefeller) issued the National Security Study Memorandum #200. The stated goal was :
1) achieve replacement fertility in developing countries by 1985. 
2) achieve replacement fertility in lessor developing countries by 2000.
They were to do this by:
1) legalized abortions
2) propaganda
3) financial incentives
4) coersion.

*  The target players in GAVI are identical  to Kissinger’s list in 1974! The sponsors are all Anglo countries, and the recipients are mostly African nations. And the list of donors is the same.
Wolrd Bank
World Health Org.
Donor countries
“Private organizations and groups”( like Gates)

* One of the organizers of GAVI is the founder of Planned Parenthood – G. Birtch(sp). In his 1947 book, “Human Breeding and Survival” he stated,

“It appears what the UN needs to do is to recommend to all nations… adoption of laws which will… actively lead to sterilization of all persons who are inadequate, either biologically or socially…”
Is it any wonder that Planned Parenthood ruthlessly promotes abortion over adoption?

*  The film goes on to document the “vaccination” of women in Phillipines and Thialand who are being treated with Tetanus vaccine that is at lease 20% “tainted” with hGC, human growth hormone. hGC is needed to ensure the healthy development of fetus’, but when given in conjunction with Tetanus it renders the women sterile.  If the woman is already pregnant, she will abort within two weeks. What kind help is that GAVI?
In Thialand, if a woman delivers a child before she has all her shots, the child will never be a citizen and receive ID papers.
Sounds only a little more controlling than in the USA where a child cannot go to school unless he’s up-to-date with his shots. Our babies don’t die, though, just a larger and larger percentage of them are getting ADD, ADHD, and Autism. They are dying later from complications of diabetes, and morbid obesity.  The pharacuticals don’t want to kill us off yet. They have to get us to invest all our wealth in health.
Quite simply, it’s another way for the rich to enslave the working part of society.

That’s a glimpse of the video… watch it now before it too, is removed from YouTube.
 Unless you are making a $million or more a year, you won’t be able to much about what’s happening. On the other hand, if you’re making that much you’re most likely part of the problem.

The only real way to get around or through the problem is to introduce people to the God of salvation. He has promised to rebuild this cesspool that we have made of this earth.