My sister’s testimony

I received this inspiring account of my sister, Sharon’s ordeal with cancer a few years ago. I thought it was worth sharing here…

This was a piece I wrote for my Women’s  Ministry class In November. We are studying John Macarthurs book “Twelve Extraordinary Women Of The Bible” This particular piece followed our study of Sarah. We were asked to tell or describe what promise text we or our family have clung to and why. It had to be very brief so it was difficult to shorten the story w/o watering-down the full picture. In eliminating at least 500 pages this is the bare-bones description of my experience. I wanted to share it with you.  Love Ya

—- Original Message —–

  On March 27, 2006 I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  
My first month in the hospital was spent having chemo followed by blood and platelet transfusions. This process was repeated three more times over the next five months. 
  A few days prior to my diagnosis I had experienced episodes of extreme weakness even to the point of having difficulty walking. These episodes remained with me through-out my treatment and recovery. It was one of these times, on my first day in the hospital that I gave my Leukemia to God. I knew that I didn’t have it in me to deal with it. I actually closed my eyes and imagined myself handing it to Him and He reaching out to accept it from me. From that point on I became completely and totally relieved of the burden of concern. I was simply “along for the ride”, and what a ride!
My attitude was that if God chose to heal me instantly or through time and treatment or not heal me at all was okay with me. Most of all, I wanted what He wanted for me. All anxiety for my future was gone. Who better to leave our lives in the hands of than THE GREAT PHYSICIAN.
  This didn’t mean that I didn’t suffer physical pain and debilitations from the disease and/or treatment, but through it all I felt Gods continued presence. My faith was strong.
After each treatment I recovered quickly and resumed my usual activities at home. On Sept. 28 I was admitted to OHSU for a stem cell transplant which was by far the most challenging and physically draining part of it all. However, after approximately 10 days of being very ill, every day of recovery was better than the day before. Praise God!!
At my six month check-up, my oncologist told me that he hadn’t expected me to be alive by then. Even at my most recent exam he said that he felt my survival was a “miracle”. I assured him that I believed that also. What a wonderful testimony from a doctor.
What a comfort to know that whatever the circumstances or outcome of our lives God will sustain us through it all.
It was a year before I felt sufficiently recovered, but Gods promise of
Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you” was a constant comfort to me. I clung to this promise every day.
What a privilege to have had this experience. What an awesome God we serve!!