Life on the Home Front

Today Ev gets here cast taken off for good… she’s excited, to say the least. Most of this week has been cool, but sunny, so she has been crawling down the steps and wheeling around the driveway in here wheelchair. One day she went all the way to the road… almost a block away!
Still another vein, I’ve started the review process for disk rupture surgery. My leg pains are getting substantually worse with time. Then, when “The Doctors” aired a segment on a new procedure for fusion that involves a 1″ cut and 2-3 weeks recovery, instead of 6″-10″ cut and months of recovery, I jumped at it. There is a clinic that does this in Tualatin, OR. Here’s a link to a short explanation of XLIF. On this page there is also a 45 min. video of an actual surgery with a dr. explaining each step of the procedure.

If anyone has had any experience with this procedure let me know.