We check out of the condo at Seaside an hour early and the plan was to go out for lunch about noon on our way home.
Just as I was putting the baggage on the cart to take out to the car, Evelyn’s walker collapsed and she hit the floor fully on the cast foot! Check back a few blogs and you’ll see what her toes are supposed to look like.
Landing on those toes bent the wires back inside, under the second knuckle. Judging by the screams and groans, and the wild angle of her toes,I knew something wasn’t right. So I loaded in record time and beat a quick trip to the Emergency Room. By the time she was on the gurney she was in shock for sure, and shaking so hard I thought she would hit the floor. The gals in ER did a good job with the IV drugs, and she was soon calmly suffering. After a call to her podiatrist it was decided that we’d drug her her up good and head for her Dr.’s office about 2 1/2 hours away.
When we got there he took a couple of x-ray’s and found no bones were broken, so he grabbed each toe in turn, and over-bent it in the opposite direction. Again the pain sent her into convulsive shaking.
When Percocet calmed her down again, we headed for home.