Outdoor Venture

That is “venture” not “adventure.” There’s a bigg difference, you know.
Today the rain has let up, so we ventured outside the Condo room. Hanson’s went on an exploring ADventure. Evelyn and I just ventured outside.

First I took her from our room on second floor up to eigth floor, then around the perimeter halls to the other side of the building where we took another elevator down to first floor. Outside it was partly sunny (as opposed to partly cloudy), and a little windy.

Pushing her wheelchair at a brisk walk north of the condo, we faced the wind with jackets zipped and hoods hoisted. That lasted about two blocks. Turning around we fairly flew back to the condo, wanting to see what lay on the other side. Drawing near to the condo, however, Evelyn decided that the wires that was inserted into her toes were conducting too much cold into her bones. So, we abandoned that venture in favor of going to the computer room to check our email.

Tomorrow should be warmer, so we’ll try that again.