Vacation! Really?

This week we are at Seaside, OR trying to use up some time-share points before they expire. The good news is, we sat through a one hour “informational” without buying anything! And we received a $100 American Express Card for our bravery.

Is it possible to get a plastic Medal of Honor?

These first two days are supposed to be rainy, but the rest of the week we’ll be able to go outside and enjoy a little sunshine… or so the weatherman promises.

Some of the “upsides” to this trip are; Evelyn gets to play Spite & Malice with an aficionado besides Vickie. It gets me off the hook for playing the card game. She also gets to see something besides the four walls of the motorhome.

On another note, someone sent me an email telling the story of three little boys who decided that they needed to be baptized, because none of their classmates would play with them after school. They figured it was because they were not Christians.

To solve the problem they wondered around looking for the closest church where they could get the job done. Finding one a few blocks away, they entered, but the only one around was the janitor. They explained their problem to him and asked if he could baptize them.

He assured them that he could. Leading them to the restroom he dunked the head of each boy in the toilette bowl.

Regrouping outside, the boys discussed the big event.

“I wonder what religion we are now,” wondered the first boy.

“I know that we aren’t Catholic, because they sprinkle you,” offered the second boy, “Or Baptist, because they put your whole body under water.”

“Did you smell that water?” asked the third, I”I think we’re Pisscapalian!”

After laughing too hard, I began doing some considering of my own. I’ve concluded that I must be Conjugationalist.