Tool Box on Steroids

Since about the middle of Sept. I’ve been working part time on my new “tool box.” I’ve been remodeling an old, dual-axle, sixteen foot, utility trailer that I had bought from Jimmy to transport our car. On it I have built a 4′ X 7′ tool box.

Even though this is a steel box, it is well balanced on the trailer. It only has a tongue weight of 660# when the car is loaded.

Inside, I am able to keep all my tools stored, and even have a little workbench.

By the time we leave Yacolt in December, we should be set up for volunteering just about anywhere.

On another vein, here’s a couple of pics showing how I modified Evelyn’s walker so she could kneel on one knee to take the load off her cast foot.

Of course all the additions to the walker may not help her game of Spite & Malice.
Even as I write this, I’ve been interrupted by an emergency! A mug of fresh-brewed tea just got spilled into her lap!
OK! She’s cleaned up, the red thighs treated, and a promise extracted from her not to sue me… like the lady did the McDonald’s company. Just because I made the tea for her, doesn’t mean that I’m responsible for what happens to it after It leaves my hands.
I LOVE you, Hon.