Lingering in the Northwest

Well, the word is in.. and final. We’ll be here in Yacolt until at least Dec. 1.
By that time the cold rains will have set in and we’ll be sharing the cold, clammy nights once again. The decision came about in this manner.
Today we visited Evelyn’s Podiatrist for the second time since we got here, because of the problems that she’s been having with a Tailor’s Bunion on her left foot. The Bunion it seems was caused or exacerbated by three of her toes on that foot heading southwest when she’s walking north. It seems that some tendons were damaged in a long-sense forgotten accident, and the scar tissue is making the tendons tack goofy. Yeah, she can give Capt. Spock’s special hand sign with her left foot!
Anyway, the Dr. told her that her could do the Bunion surgery now, but he would have to do a second surgery next year to take care of the original cause… the scar tissue, or he could just go ahead and do them both at the same time on Thursday.
So, that means no walking for at least a month, then a walking apparatus on her foot for another month. He figure that she’ll be back to normal in 6 months to a year.

So, our immediate problem is how to get her in and out of the motor home and still keep the foot elevated with ice on it! Maybe he’ll let her lower it long enough to get in or out the door.

Previous plans were to be somewhere down the SoCal coast by December. Probably won’t make it that soon.

Only God knows our REAL plans, and He’s not cluing us in very far in advance. Looks like as soon as I don’t have to wait on Evelyn (hand-and-foot…lol), I get to work on the Yacolt church a little longer.