I was directed, this morning to another Blog on this venue that is perhaps the most well-researched piece that I’ve ever read on the history of President Obama.
Of course, there is much that he has intentionally buried from public knowledge, but that which CAN be known is very disturbing. It is a rather lengthy article, but well worth the read for it’s educational value.

On another tack, this morning we set out to attend church in our little home-town. On the way, I suggested that we should go by the site where they are beginning to build the new church. To our suprise, there were a lot of cars in the parking area. We were met in the parking area by Carl, the head elder. He let us know that this is the first service at the new property.
The service was being held in the “mess tent” that has been set up feeding the army of 30-40 builders that will be working long hours for the next two weeks to get the concrete slab closed in and roofed.
Timing our arrival back in Yacolt couldn’t have been any better… now I’ll get to work on it, too.