New Addition to my Blog

Stubborn searching finally pays off. I’ve found a video hosting site the takes videos of unlimited length. The only limit to the free portion is the amount of MB per week. Since none of mine are over 500MB, I should be able to post one or two per week.

I’m excited! The RSS feed is on the left column of this Blog. They’ll show up here as I post them.


Maranatha Winds Down

Today we had worship in the new Yacolt SDA Community Church. True, it only had a roof and most of the windows in… no doors. Camp chairs for pews. Almost like camping, but it was a great feeling.

So far, we are on time, and under budget! God gets the glory for that. By tomorrow evening most of the volunteers will be gone.

I made a DVD about 15 minutes in length that condenses the last four weeks of labor at the site. So far I haven’t found a place on line to post a movie that long, but anyone is interested let me know and I’ll send a copy of the DVD.

In the meanwhile, I’ll get a few photos posted at my Flickr Photo site.

Church Progress

WOW! What a difference a week makes!
We’ve gone from bare floors to this. Toward the end of the week the trusses went up.

On Sunday and Monday the roof decking was being installed.

And interior wall were being completed.

We have a great God, who has gifted people from all walks of life with many talents. It would be very hard to missed His blessings in this project. One small example is in the project budget.The Yacolt members have been trying to get this building off the ground for nearly five years. God has obviously delayed it until favorable times. Every stage of this project has come in under budget, except one. All one can do is step back and say, “Praise God, from whom all blessing flow!”

Me into politics? …NAH!

I’m not one for chasing after politics for the sake of politics alone. I seldom even watch the news. My ostrich DNA maybe?
But this morning I clicked on a link on one website and was taken to another site… the official White House Blog site.
Yeah, I never knew there was one, either!
Did you?
Go ahead, Click it. You’ll be enlightened to some strange stuff. About the only GOOD thing I got from the video clip, was that the “bad guys” use Mac computers.
Anyway, my attention was entrapped by the statement, “From policy creation to community implementation, the Green the Block campaign wants to see access and opportunity created for all Americans, to build prosperity and a healthier planet for future generations,” said Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. of the Hip Hop Caucus. “The first milestone for Green the Block will be on our National Day of Service, September 11, 2009, where we will organize Green the Block service events around the country in coordination with the President’s initiative, United We Serve.”

“Hey”, I’m thinking, “Whatever happened to our “Day of Remembrance” on Sept. 11? Is that a hijacking or what?Not only that, but the White House has rechristened the Global War on Terror, the “Overseas Contingency Operations.”
Isn’t the renaming of “The Global War on Terrorism” GREAT! Perhaps the next great renaming should be the term “stealing.” It could be called “unauthorized borrowing with no intent of repayment.” Heck, why not be blunt? It is redistribution of wealth… Obama style!

As a Christian, I believes there has been a global war on terrorism for the last 6,000 years or so. Jesus fought the deciding conflict and won. The battle is already won! the only battle left is within our selves… to decide which side we want to be on. Will we be with the popular loosers, or the unpopular winners. Our job is not to fight an outward battle, but to minister to the poor, and needy victims of the deceived loosers and to encourage those that are on the margins to join the winners in the family of God.

So, I’m always a little hessitent to get too involved with politics. From my reading of the Bible I understand that this once great nation of our was brought into existance by God to be means of helpping the down-trodden of the world. To be a beacon of His love to all mankind, but we are failing miserably. This nation though once great, will not continue in it’s greatness or become “better and better,” but, like all the great nations of history, will crumble and fall from internal corruption. Like Daniel in the Bible, we must remain true to God no matter “who’s the boss” in our realm. Like him, we can influence politics when given the opportunity, but or main job is to succor those in need and pray for the lossers that they would change their minds before it is too late.

I was directed, this morning to another Blog on this venue that is perhaps the most well-researched piece that I’ve ever read on the history of President Obama.
Of course, there is much that he has intentionally buried from public knowledge, but that which CAN be known is very disturbing. It is a rather lengthy article, but well worth the read for it’s educational value.

On another tack, this morning we set out to attend church in our little home-town. On the way, I suggested that we should go by the site where they are beginning to build the new church. To our suprise, there were a lot of cars in the parking area. We were met in the parking area by Carl, the head elder. He let us know that this is the first service at the new property.
The service was being held in the “mess tent” that has been set up feeding the army of 30-40 builders that will be working long hours for the next two weeks to get the concrete slab closed in and roofed.
Timing our arrival back in Yacolt couldn’t have been any better… now I’ll get to work on it, too.

On the Move Again

We arrived in Yacolt Monday evening… pretty much without incident, after spending the weekend camping with friends along the shore of the Columbia River, across from Umatilla, Or.

We spent 3 days there in an unmarked campground known only to the locals. One of the locals pointed it out to our friends, and they tried to tell us how to find it. We arrived about dusk and they wouldn’t arrive until the following morning. Since it was getting dark and their phone directions, though they were good, didn’t help too much, because we drove past it. We decided to park in a wide spot beside the road until morning, and try again.
Ooooooh, bad choice. There was a train track on the other side of the road from us. I might add that the tracks crossed the road about 50′ from where we chose to park!
That’s right, folks. For the first two hours, every 15-20 minutes our heads were lifted off the pillow by first, the whistle. then the roaring of the train.
In the morning we found the spot about a half-mile back down the road. We got all set up and a couple of hours later, Duane and Sue showed up. After they were set up, one of the other campers came over to ask about Montana, and , “How in the world did you find this place?”
“Some local friends told us about it.”
“Well, I don’t know if you know it or not, but you’re parked on the boat ramp.?
Well, I didn’t! It wasn’t marked anywhere as such. The only other campers in place were 200′ away from us.
“I’m sure it’ll be O.K.,” she assured us, “But if a few more come there won’t be anyway for them to get into the river.”
So we stayed put, and it worked out just fine.

Today we met with friends, Paul and Ginny, to chat over our summer experiences and eat lunch. Three hours later we we weren’t finished, but had other things we needed to get done. Thanks for lunch Paul.
I read this week… (yes, I read) a cool observation. “Good judgment comes from wisdom. Wisdom comes from a lot of bad judgments.”
That brought me around to a discussion in our Bible class last week, about helping the poor. I wish I would have come up with this thought during the class. “If we view the poor around us as only ‘people who are reaping the results of their poor judgments’, then we are missing God’s point, when He proclaim, If you have done it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you have done it to me.”

We will most likely be in Yacolt until the middle of October before heading down the coast highway 101. We haven’t been that route for nearly 40 years. We will be working on the new Adventist church being built in Yacolt.
If you have any ideas for volunteer work, let me know.