August 12, 2009 – Petriglyphs and more

On our way out of Hot Springs Co., WY the other day, we took a side trip to the banks of Cottonwood Creek to view the ancient Petriglyphs. The gravel road took us a couple of miles along the opposite bank from Hamilton Dome, then dropped over the edge to a parking area. A short walk from there started the Petriglyphs… more than 280 individual pictures carved into the stone cliffs.

Here are a few of the hundred or so that I photographed..along with my impressions.

The figure on top looks to be a Big Horn Sheep.

Four unusual figures here. There are 3 animals and one person in outline, rather than “blocked-in” figures. The person seems to be holding a slingshot.

This a better view of the creatures with the pincher on the end of his tail.

Is this the devil with pitchfork and horns?

Right after snapping this photo, I looked down at the trail and began to walk. Beside me, partially hidden under a rock was a good-sized rattlesnake! It appeared to be about 1 1/2″ in diameter and two-and-a-half feet long. In my excitement, I called out for Evelyn to come see it. She declined. I was so taken aback by the sight of it that I totally forgot my camera that was hanging around my neck.

It looks to me like the lizard on the far-right was made first, because the solid-bodied figure in the middle overlaps it, which in turn is overlapped by the stick figure coming over across the rock fissure on the left.

No doubt about it. A bunny. They may have had bunny clubs long before “Heff” thought of it.

Another large head. Possibly an alien. Or the original Cat-in-the-Hat!

Some of the artists may have been Jewish. This looks like a Menorah candlestick.

It’s hard to say whether this represents a person or animal. It may be a happy woman, for there appears to be a set of twins under her.

Figure on the right appears to be much older. looks like a large-headed alien. Figure on the left may represent a human/alien breeding program.

Head is to the lower left, with teeth exposed. Very stout legs and tail. Possibly a dino?