Aug. 5, 2009 – Progress

I guess the cortisone injections have done a little good. I slept through the night without being awakened by pain.

I started reading a new book. I guess it’s dog psychology, called “Merle’s Door.” The autor acquired Merle while on a float trip down a Wyoming river.
Merle, the dog, has so many characters that remind me of Jolie! From the way he “talks” to express his desires to his self-appointed eating schedule of once a day at 5:30 PM!
Every time the writer tells about something cool that Merle does, he cites scientific research that has been done that corroborates the things he’s learning about Merle. After several attempts to “train” Merle, he gave up and is letting Merle train him. Why cool idea.

I’m about half-way through the book and would already highly recommend it to any dog-lover… whether you currently have a dog or not.