Woe is Me!

It seems that I am always looking at your back, my Lord.

I groan while wrestling with the my burden of sin.
My steps are heavy, my head bowed low.

When will I get to see you face to face?
The enemy of mankind heaps
memories of my past sins upon my back
and giggles in glee at my plight.

Reach back and give me a hand with this load, oh Lord,
lest I am buried beneath this trash.
He has pushed so much of this garbage so deep into my soul,
I fear I will choke to death on it.
Deliver me from this load of guilt.

“First you must let go of the load, my son.
With my strong arm I will throw it away,
as far as the East is from the West.
Soon, yes very soon, your accuser,
the concoctor of your sins, will follow you no more.”

“I remember them no more.
Take heart, my son, it’s time for you to forget them, too.
Hold my hand and follow Me.
Turn a deaf ear to the Devil’s demands of ‘remember when…’
With your hands occupied in holding Mine, you cannot carry a thing.
Stand tall in my strength. Your straight back cannot carry a load.”

“Forgive me, Lord, for thinking you have turned your back upon me.
I now clearly see You before me, clearing my way,
making my path through life straight and narrow.
Forgive my sins, throw away my load.
Make straight my way.
Rebuke now, my enemy.
Turn his glee to misery.”

Psalm 2017:5


Who Lives Most?

We live in deeds done, NOT years lived.

In thoughts, not breaths.

In feelings, NOT figures on a dial.

We should count time by heartthrobs.


Is it he who is worth the most?

It is NOT what the world gives me;

In honor, praise and gold.

It is what I give the world,

So others may unfold.


One tiny thought in one tiny word

May give a great one birth.

And if that thought was caused by me,

I have lived a life of worth.


It is not what we have, nor even what we do, which directly

expresses the worth of a man, woman, or child,

But what we are!

So, who lives most?


Who LIVES most?

Have your feelings and heartbeats

Been the most?

What are you? What is your worth?

What have you sown in earnest in your

Work, study, and play?


Has Christ’s robe of righteousness wrapped you round;

Have you invited Him to stand with you?

Are you living now in preparation for eternity?

What have you sown?

Are you reaping divine actions?

Have you attempted to learn the most, or “just enough

To get by?”

Have you lived MOST?

Only you can answer the question!


Righteousness is the fulfillment of God’s creative purpose

In a person’s whole life.

This purpose begins here on this earth and

Follows us through eternity.

Righteousness is God’s plan for you and me.

Again I ask, “Who lives most?”

Perhaps it is he who reaps the most.

“Sow a thought,

Reap and act.

Sow an act,

Reap a habit.

Sow a habit,

Reap a character.”


It is well to think well;

But divine to act well.

So, who lives most?

Perhaps it is he who acts best.

You see, there are only two kinds of actors on this earth.

One kind uses his reason to learn.

Then they acts according to this knowledge.

The other kind acts the way he wants,

Then uses his reason to prove that what he did was right,

And what he didn’t do was wrong.

Which kind of actor are you?


Have you lived the most?

Have you learned the most?

No athlete was ever trained solely by instruction.

No soldier was trained by mere instruction

Or study of the manual, but by practicing his drill.


Saints are not made by looking through the pages of the Bible.

Not hearers of the law, but doers are justified before God.

Where duty is seen, God is revealed.

To see what God wants done and NOT do it

Is a dangerous thing.


So, live most today!

For, very day well lived

Makes every tomorrow a vision of happiness,

and every yesterday a fulfillment of Hope.


First presented @ Lariat Boy’s Ranch Sept. 1965

Red Rags to White Wool

“Come on now! Here is the conclusion of this whole logic’” says the Lord.

“Though your sins glow like a scarlet letter on your forehead, they shall be white as snow.

Though they are as red as crimson, they shall be as lamb’s wool.” Isaiah 1:18

Have you ever been in the slummy area of some big city, and watched as beggars pushed around shopping carts piled high with rags and scrap paper?

I used to wonder what happened to all that junk. Then while taking a tour of a paper mill in Portland, OR, I found my answer.

There they sorted all those rags, by color, into large vats. When the vats were filled, an acid was added. A different acid was used for each color. Then, the cloth was chemically broken down and pressed between huge rollers and came out a pure white paper.

This process was carried out for each color except red rags. They were not put through the bleaching process, but were made directly into red paper! We learned that no acid known to man will bleach red rags into white paper.


How much like our verse. God knew how much trouble we would have in bleaching red, so He used red to characterize our sins, so impossible to get rid of by ourselves.

But according to this verse, no matter how impossible your sins seem to be to get rid of, God is telling us He CAN do it and make your life as pure as white snow.

In the paper mill, wonderful things are made out of old rags. Even the reddest of rags are made into something useful. The most common thing is ink-blotters.

2 Corinthians 5:17

“Anyone united with Christ gets a fresh start, and is created anew.”

How about you? Are you the same today as you were yesterday? Are you the same yesterday as you were last week or last year?

Have you considered taking God at His word? Have you tried letting God turn your scarlet life into the whitest purity?

Put Him to the test. You’ve got nothing to lose and eternity to gain.

Psalm 2017:20

So, answer me this, Lord, Why do the wicked ones prosper so often?

Why do they literally get away with murder?

They say to themselves, “No one will see me. No one of importance will care. No one will do me harm because I’m too valuable and I’m worth millions. I have the power to change laws and contracts to free myself of these low-lifes.”

He spends his nights devising ways to fleece the poor of what little they have accumulated.

They accuse You, Lord, of covering Your face and not seeing what they do.

The pompous one brags about how he has entrapped the “poor suckers.” In his pride the rich elite reviles You Lord,  They don’t give You a second thought.

I know You see the plight of the downtrodden, the helplessness and hunger of the poor.

If I were you, Oh Lord, I would break their greedy hands. I’d call the evildoers to account for their wrongs. I would cover them with boils and make them serve the poor. I would rip their lying tongues from their smirky faces. I would let them know in no uncertain terms just who is boss.

But I’m not You! My ways are not Your loving ways.

You are King and Lord forever throughout eternity. You only, listen to the discouraged. You hear our cry and You are planning our relief; yes, our reward for trusting in you.

In Your patience You wait for the evil ones to repent. You may wait in vain, but You hope. You let them prove their character to the universe.

Quaran-Teen #3

Continuing with this short series of devilish maladies, in which Satan slaps a quarantine sign upside your head in an attempt to separate you from God, let’s take a look at Encephalomyelitis.

Yes, that big word is short for Sleeping Sickness. Sleeping sickness is caused by the African Tsetse fly. Tsetse flies come in about 21 varieties. All of them are blood suckers, living on the blood of both humans and animals.

It seems that they would be pretty poor company to keep if you wanted to run a blood bank. These flies don’t just suck blood, they leave something in return, the germs of Encephalomyelitis.

Some of the symptoms of this disease are drowsiness, and weakness. The victim is lethargic and unconcerned about his plight, not realizing that he is at death’s door. He feels no pain. He’s just peaceful and happy to get to sleep.

This one disease has caused more deaths than all the wars in history! Believe it or not, but one of the main cures for Sleeping Sickness is in small quantities of Arsenic, a deadly poison!

Did you know that Satan has a spiritual version of Encephalomyelitis that is coursing through your veins?

Let’s check a few case histories from the Bible. Remember Peter, James, and John along with the other disciples who went to the garden to pray with Jesus the night that he was hauled off to be crucified? Three times he left them alone to go off a little way to pray alone. Three times he returned to find them all asleep. Fortunately, it was not fatal for them that night. But, because of their sleeping sickness, and ours, it WAS fatal that night for Jesus.

Or how about Samson, the strongest man that ever lived? Remember, he went to sleep on the lap of Delilah, totally unconcerned for his life. Not once. Not twice, but three times he was lulled to sleep by Satan working through Delilah. He lost his strength, his eyesight and eventually, he died a suicide.

Jonah caught the bug when he ran away from the job God wanted him to do. He drifted off into a deep sleep in the basement of a boat during a storm. Peaceful. Unconcerned. Not knowing he was at death’s door. It almost cost him his life that day.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, recognized the sleeping sickness around him and explained it this way in Proverbs 6:9:11

“How long are you going to sleep, O sleepy one? When will you awake to see your plight? You hit the snooze button and roll over for more blissful sleep not knowing the danger you’re in.”

Rock-a-bye, lullaby, and bye-bye! The devil has rocked us poor suckers to sleep.

There IS a cure for Satan’s Sleeping Sickness. It is found in Romans 13:11-14 (Msg)

But make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed. We can’t afford to waste a minute, must not squander these precious daylight hours in frivolity and indulgence, in sleeping around and dissipation, in bickering and grabbing everything in sight. Get out of bed and get dressed! Don’t loiter and linger, waiting until the very last minute. Dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and about!”




Quaran-Teen #2

The second Quartn-Teen to consider is Psittacosis.
Now, you might be getting the idea that I’m talking about a disease that affects only bus drivers, teachers, presidents and mounted policemen.

Well, I hate to tell you that psittacosis is Parrot Fever! Not only parrots but Canaries, Macaws,, Cockatoos, and Parakeets get psittacosis, too. You might say this disease is “for the birds,” but it also affects humans.

Feeding Polly her cracker could be as dangerous as putting your hand in a rattlesnake’s mouth.

Satan has his brand of psittacosis, also. The symptoms are a little different, but the results are the same;

Imitation. You know what I mean;
“I’ll do what Sally does…”
“I’ll follow Frank’s footsteps…”
“I’ll dress like Dorothy today…”

This is not to say that parrots don’t have some good qualities, they do! Like having four toes. Two point forward and two point backward.
That would be a good setup for the person who doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.

With proper care a Parrot can grow to 100 or more years old. In that lifetime he could easily wipe out your cracker supply, too.

But, as pretty as a parrot is, he’ still best known for being an Imitator. The one who lets someone else put words in its mouth and ideas in his head.
Even if you don’t own a parrot it takes little effort for you to get Parrot Fever, any “Birdbrain” can get it.

All it takes is to forget about Christian Standards.
Guys, you can hang your jeans at half-mast with your boxers covering your bellybutton. Toss out some swear words. Maybe grow your hair over your eyes to hide behind, or roll it up in curlers.
Gals, get rid of all your modest clothing, wiggle into you tightest dresses or short-shorts.
Then there is the vocabulary. Forget about the Bible command to “let your speech always be with grace and seasoned with salt.” Season it instead, with spice and pepper, especially when your mad.

You’ll be a an A-Number-One-Parrot!

While you’re at it, go by the rule “It’s not wrong if I don’t get caught.”
Get careless about the things in life that really count;
Planning your life’s work.
Building a good, sound character.
Settling your soul’s salvation.

When you see this taking place in your life you can be sure the Devil is hanging up his Quaran-Teen sign, because you have psittacosis.

You see it takes convictions to go right when your friends are going wrong.
There is only one cure;
Dare to be yourself, not a copy of someone else. If you MUST imitate someone, Imitate Christ!

November Psalm 2017:16

Lord we need rescuing! We need rescuing from ourselves!
But most of all we need salvation from our sins.

It seems like the faithful are disappearing left and right,
Leaving just the naysayers, those with deceit on their lips.
Those with flattery on their tongues.
They speak evil in the most glowing terms,
Speaking falsehoods of others
making themselves look good in the eyes of men.

They seem to be saying, “Who is there that is our lord and master?
Look at me, I’m the best! Who is there that can out-do me?”
Vileness is exalted. Baseness is prized.

They strut in self-importance before the lowly and snub their noses at you,
Oh that you would rip the ugly smirks of derision from their faces,
And cut out their foul-speaking tongues.

They do not acknowledge You as their only hope of redemption.

Wake up, Oh Lord
Remember our humiliations before men.
Remember, Lord, the plight of the unfortunate,
Those that are mocked and pitied by the sham of richness around them.
Those whose riches are nothing more than filthy rags in your sight.

You have promised to protect your faithful people.
“I will place him who trusts in Me, in perfect peace.
I will protect him from this evil generation forever.”

Your words are true and as pure as highly refined silver. Amen